Big Island Pizza Deals

August 20th, 2007 by James


Big Island Pizza has a very good pizza pie and some awesome deals.


The sauce is really great and full of flavor with generous toppings. The crust is also good too, but I have to say I still like Pizza Hawaii’s crust better. In any case, this is way better than Pizza Hut.

Here are some coupons found on Big Island Pizza’s web site. The medium is perfect for two people… or one if you’re really hungry.

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Big Island Pizza
760 Kilauea Ave.
Phone: (808) 934-8000
Hours: 11-9 Mon-Sun

Sushi En Fuego, Kona Waterfront Row

August 16th, 2007 by James


We went go holoholo with some friends in Kona… and we ate at Sushi En Fuego, a brand new restaurant on Waterfront Row. This place is so new, they didn’t even have their liquor license yet… which is good news! You can spend more $$ trying the food and drink your own booze! We ended up dragging a cooler filled to the brim with beer. *good times*


Sushi En Fuego translates to “Sushi on Fire” — it’s supposedly a fusion of Latin and Japanese. Most of their offerings are spicy and they have a good variety of sushi and non-sushi items. Ambiance is beautiful here at sunset since many of the tables are on a balcony. Service is also very attentive and fast. Our first dishes were served in under 10 minutes.


Shiro Maguro (albacore) slightly seared ($5.50). Very fresh and wonderfully creamy texture… no fishy flavor. Best news? Huge pieces of fish! There was a light sauce on it and the rice was good texture. Great start.


Spicy Tuna Roll ($6). Very good. Nice brief spicy kick. Bev thought the spiciness was just right — I thought it should be spicier. Avocado made for a good pairing.


“Pollo Lolo” Chicken Skewers w/Mac nut miso sauce ($10). We all loved these. The chicken was nicely charred with a sweet cumin flavor. Accompanying it was a spicy mango salsa (which was excellent) with homemade chips.


Red Dragon Roll ($14). Spicy tuna, cucumber topped with unagi, masago, bonito and eel sauce. This was mouthwatering. I love unagi.


Left: Beef and Reef ($13) – Soft shell crab, daikon sprouts, asparagus topped with seared beef and tataki sauce.
Right: Catepillar Roll ($13) – Unagi, avocado, masago.

I wasn’t able to try either of these. *tear* I’m sure they were good though… how can go wrong??


Salmon Cerviche w/ mango and lime ($12). I only heard from across the table that this was “really good”. *sigh*


Lobster Roll with Tempura Asparagus ($12). Nice balance of lobster and crispy asparagus. They didn’t skimp on the lobster either. Very yummy!


Tempura Spicy Tuna Mushrooms ($11). I never got to try these, but my friends said that it was their “favorite” and “make sure to tell them it was reaaaally good on your blog”. Hahahaa…


Dessert time! Tempura Banana Split ($6) — this was one of their specials. Wow. This one was so delicious! The bananas were fried tempura style and they were really sweet and juicy. The chocolate sauce was very rich. Three scoops of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry). If you only have $6, just get this. The only funky thing was that they fried the cherries tempura style — it made them have a really bitter flavor… but we thought it was funny. Tempura maraschino cherries????

Overall, we all had a great time here at Sushi En Fuego. The food, ambiance, and service was all top notch. Highly recommended!

Sushi En Fuego
(808) 331-2200
Waterfront Row, Kailua Kona
Hours: 11-3 & 5-10 (Tues-Sat), 4-9 (Sun), Closed Mondays

Emma’s at Shipman Business Park

May 25th, 2007 by James

A nice individual brought in lunch for our office today from some tortilla factory in Shipman Business Park (industrial area between Hilo and Keaau).

What’s the name of this place?? I’ve heard great things about here but all they said was a “Mexican place” or “tortilla factory”. Hopefully some of you guys can help me out.

UPDATE: This place is called “Emma’s”. Thanks guys. :)

Pork Quesadilla

Here is a pork quesadilla with beans, rice, guacamole, and salsa (hidden underneath). The tortilla is what seriously shined. It was the freshest I’ve ever had — very moist, super soft, and so delicious! The pork was tender and perfectly seasoned. Lots of gooey cheese smothered with some thinly sliced onions and peppers. The sides tasted really fresh too. Very satisfying.

These guys/gals (whoever they are) really know what they are doing. I hear you can also buy very cheap and good fresh tortillas here. So what’s the name of this place?

P.S. Thanks for lunch! It was great. :)

Ken’s Sumo Loco

April 19th, 2007 by James

Good morning from Ken’s House of Pancakes!


Presenting the Sumo Loco (and keiki fries). This is what you call a heavy breakfast. Can you finish one?

Ken’s Sumo Loco

From the menu: 6 scoops rice, choice of spam (4), 5 oz. Lean “Home Grown” beef patty (2), or 6 oz. mahi-mahi. Gravy + 3 eggs any style.

We chose the traditional beef patties, cooked medium. If they don’t ask you how you want it cooked, let them know because otherwise, they cook it pretty well-done.

Ken’s Sumo Loco

Knowing I couldn’t finish a sumo loco by myself, I brought some help. I really don’t think Bev pulled her weight though. :P

Ken’s Sumo Loco

We tried and tried…

Ken’s Sumo Loco

… and this is about how far we got (note Bev still had some left in her smaller bowl we used to share).

Ken’s fries go so well with their loco mocos… so crisp!

Ken’s Keiki Fries

Definitely one of the best loco mocos in Hilo, whatever size you get.


  • Burger: 28/30pts (excellent quality hawaii grown beef, grilled)
  • Gravy: 26/30pts
  • Egg: 20/20pts
  • Rice: 20/20pts

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Ken’s House of Pancakes
1730 Kamehameha Ave.
Hilo , HI 96720
(808) 538-1877
Open 24 hours.

Merrie Monarch 2007 – Miss Aloha

April 13th, 2007 by James

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the first night of Merrie Monarch! This was the first time either of us has ever seen this in person, so it was really exciting and lots of fun. These photos are from my flickr account, so I can’t make them “pop up”.

Merrie Monarch 2007
Merrie Monarch 2007
Merrie Monarch 2007
Merrie Monarch 2007
Merrie Monarch 2007
Merrie Monarch 2007 Merrie Monarch 2007

And of course, because this is Big Island Grinds, the Merrie Monarch Hawaiian Plate ($8.50):

Merrie Monarch 2007

Kalua Pig & Cabbage, chicken long rice, poi, lomi salmon, white rice and haupia w/taro. Time to grind. :D Everything was delicious! Poi could’ve been moa sour, but that’s just my preference. Other than that, I really enjoyed it, especially while watching the beautiful hula dancers.

You can also see the entire photo set here.

Ling’s Legendary Oyster Chicken

March 29th, 2007 by James

Lings Chop Suey House

I found a couple of old photos from Ling’s Chop Suey House back from my starving student days. And as lots of locals know, Ling’s has amazingly massive oyster chicken plates. Howz dis??? Hardly can fit in da plate!

Lings Oyster Chicken

This is so not healthy! But it is sooo good! The chicken is super crisp and moist. The sauce is light and not too sweet. The only thing is I wish it had a bit more oyster flavor. Other than that, it’s awesome and can feed you 3 times. This work of art costs only about $8-$9.

I’m making myself hungry! I have to stop now.

Ling’s Chop Suey House
Puainako Centre
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 981-1689