Spam & Egg Musubi

June 7th, 2006 by James

Here’s what I made and had for lunch.

Homemade Spam Musubi

I shared it of course! :)

How for make Spam Musubi:

  1. Cook da rice
  2. Cut up da Spam in thick slices and marinate in some shoyu, sugar, and oyster sauce
  3. Fry da Spam until slightly crisp and sauce is carmalized around um’
  4. Use da Spam can you jus used to mold da rice: compress da rice down wit one spoon
  5. Turn da can upside down and tap da rice out — perfect size!
  6. Put da rice on a nori wrapper (which has been cut in half)
  7. Put one juicy Spam on da rice
  8. Wrap da nori around and use some water to seal um

Da Optionals:

  • Put scrambled egg on top of da Spam before wrapping
  • Mix da rice with lil bit rice vinegar for make um more tasty
  • Put furikake on da rice before putting da spam on top

Hilo Lunch Shop

June 7th, 2006 by James

Okazuya-style places are great if you want a nice variety of food at great prices, and Hilo Lunch Shop is one of the most popular ones in Hilo.

Hilo Lunch Shop Entrance Hilo Lunch Shop Inside

It was only 12:30 when we got here, and already most of the food was gone! No more sushi, and a lot of the hot plates were missing/empty. Luckily, there were still some choices left. We made it just in time. Here is what we got to share…

Hilo Lunch Shop Plate

2 scoops rice, 4 pcs nori chicken, 2 pcs breaded Ono (Wahoo fish), nishime, mac salad, and a spring roll. All this for $7.98. Not bad for 2 people… I’m lucky Bev is a light eater.

Nori Chicken Closeup

We both thought everything was really ono. Bev especially liked the nori chicken and mac salad. They are famous for their nori chicken… very flavorful and moist inside, while being crispy on the outside. It’s so good. The mac salad was actually a potato/mac salad with cucumbers, eggs, and carrots — really yummy. Everything else was good too. The breaded Ono was nice and moist inside, the nishime was fresh and tasty. The spring roll was big and crisp, but just average tasting.

Hilo Lunch Shop serves up some onolicious food. Just make sure to get here well before noon!

Hilo Lunch Shop
421 Kalanikoa Street, Hilo, HI 96720
Phone: (808) 935-8273

Recent Activity

April 24th, 2006 by James

Aloha everybody! I apologize again for the lack of posts recently…

But! I have two valid excuses:

  1. I lost/misplaced my camera. *sad*
  2. I’m getting married this weekend!!! *overjoyed* I feel like the luckiest guy in town.

So, I will have to delay my loco moco adventures a little longer until I am settled down. Still, I will try to post more as soon as I can since I still have old photos which I have not yet posted. Mahalos for your patience!

New Pizza Place in Hilo?

March 10th, 2006 by James

Big Island Pizza

I was happily surprised when I drove down Kilauea and seen a new pizza place called Big Island Pizza. Has anyone tried it there yet? From what I’ve heard, they are pretty good. I hope to give this place a visit soon!

Visit their web site for more info.

Again, I’m sorry for being such a lousy blogger. I’ve been very busy with a lot of things. Apologies to all unanswered e-mails… I’ll get to them soon.

Reviews by readers of Big Island Grinds

Tricia says:

“We ordered the Northwest and it was soooo ONO!!! It’s a little on the pricy side, but hey, it’s something different than the usual Pizza Hut that we usually eat. This is what was on our Northwest (saved the take out menu)- olive paste base, smoke salmon, shrimp, capers, smoked gouda cheese, mushrooms sweet red onions, rosemary and toasted pinenuts. My husband and I ordered the medium pizza- which was $16.99. We called and the employees said a medium pizza features eight slices and it was perfect for two people. When we returned home, we divided the pizza evenly, just to be fair – it was so delicious!!!!”

Howard says:

“We’ve been there twice. The first time we got the chicken and pesto pizza, with pieces of roast chicken, roma tomatoes, and mushrooms on pesto sauce. The pesto was excellent, the chicken pieces ample, and the mushrooms better than those on most mushroom pizzas I’ve had elsewhere. It’s like having a meal at a fine Italian restaurant, served on an edible plate made of first-rate pizza dough.

Today we tried the Northwest Special, described above, which was even better than the chicken and pesto. It struck me as a deluxe Hawaiian version of lox and bagel.

While most of the business is takeout, there are three tables outdoors next to the shop for people who wish to eat right there. While we were eating there today, the owner came out and talked to us. He told us about some of the exotic pizza ideas he is thinking of adding to the menu, and some of them sounded terrific. When I said that the crust reminded me of the best pizzas I’ve had from brewpubs, he told us that he treats the dough in a similar manner before baking it.

These are definitely the best pizzas we’ve had in Hawaii, and among the best anywhere. We will certainly be going back again. “

Thank you both for your generous reviews!

Big Island Pizza
760 Kilauea Ave.
Phone: (808) 934-8000
Hours: 11-9 Mon-Sun

Opinions on New Loco Moco Scale

February 13th, 2006 by James

So what are your thoughts on the new Loco Moco Scale? I’m still debating whether or not I’ve weighted the items in the loco moco fairly.

Here’s the current breakdown (UPDATED!):

  • Burger: 30% (instead of 35%)
  • Gravy: 30% (instead of 35%)
  • Egg: 20% (instead of 15%)
  • Rice: 20% (instead of 15%)

Adding up to a maximum:


I’ve had one say that the egg should have heavier weight, which sounds fair, but I’m curious of what you all think. Please let me know your thoughts!