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Ken’s Sumo Loco

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Good morning from Ken’s House of Pancakes!


Presenting the Sumo Loco (and keiki fries). This is what you call a heavy breakfast. Can you finish one?

Ken’s Sumo Loco

From the menu: 6 scoops rice, choice of spam (4), 5 oz. Lean “Home Grown” beef patty (2), or 6 oz. mahi-mahi. Gravy + 3 eggs any style.

We chose the traditional beef patties, cooked medium. If they don’t ask you how you want it cooked, let them know because otherwise, they cook it pretty well-done.

Ken’s Sumo Loco

Knowing I couldn’t finish a sumo loco by myself, I brought some help. I really don’t think Bev pulled her weight though. :P

Ken’s Sumo Loco

We tried and tried…

Ken’s Sumo Loco

… and this is about how far we got (note Bev still had some left in her smaller bowl we used to share).

Ken’s fries go so well with their loco mocos… so crisp!

Ken’s Keiki Fries

Definitely one of the best loco mocos in Hilo, whatever size you get.


  • Burger: 28/30pts (excellent quality hawaii grown beef, grilled)
  • Gravy: 26/30pts
  • Egg: 20/20pts
  • Rice: 20/20pts

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Ken’s House of Pancakes
1730 Kamehameha Ave.
Hilo , HI 96720
(808) 538-1877
Open 24 hours.

Nothing says I love you like…?

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

A heart shaped loco moco from wing’s food blog!

Loco Moco Recipe

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Homemade Loco Moco

Here’s an easy way to make a quick and yummy loco moco, the classic Hawaiian soulfood consisting of 4 components: hamburger patty, rice, egg, and brown gravy.

Ingredients for 2 big servings:

  • Hamburger Patties
    • 1lb Hamburger (not lean)
    • 1/4 cup grated onions (optional)
    • salt/pepper to taste
  • Gravy
    • 1 can good beef broth
    • flour for thickening
    • 1 tb butter
    • couple dashes of Worcestershire sauce
  • 4 eggs
  • hot cooked white rice

1. Gently mix the hamburger, grated onions and salt/pepper. Form either 2 big patties or 4 smaller size patties.
2. Heat frying pan until very hot.
3. Place hamburger patties on the pan/grill and let sear just until juices start appearing on the top. Flip over and cook for a couple more minutes. You will want the burger slightly charred but still tender on the inside.
4. Place burgers on the side.

1. Pour a little broth into the same pan and incorporate the yumyums, then pour in the rest of the broth.
2. Bring to a boil and let reduce for about 3-5 minutes or so, depending on taste, for a more potent gravy.
3. Turn down heat to a simmer.
4. Add couple dashes of worcestershire sauce.
5. In a seperate bowl, mix flour with some water.
6. Using a whisk, slowly whisk in the flour/water mixture until gravy is nicely thick & smooth.
7. Turn off heat and mix in the butter until well blended.

Traditionally, the eggs should be sunny-side up. The secret to a good fried egg is to fry the egg slowly on low heat until it’s cooked… just don’t overcook it! It also helps to have the eggs thawed to room temperature before cooking them.

Use regular medium grain white rice… like 3 scoops worth per plate.

Assembly (bottom -> top):
Rice -> Burger -> Egg -> Gravy all over

Optional condiments:
Shoyu, ketchup, tabasco

loco moco condiments


56th Annual Hawaii County Fair

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

56th Hawaii County Fair

Wooohooo, the fair is in town! Glad to say, the loco mocos were much better than last year (which isn’t saying much, since last year was really bad). I’m just glad that someone else was doing the loco mocos. Good reppin’ Keaukaha!

Loco Moco Action Loco Moco Line Keaukaha Loco Moco Menu

The prices, though, were a lot steeper… still worth the better loco moco.

56th Hawaii County Fair Fried Rice Loco Moco

We ordered and shared the “midget special” — ironic no? 2 hamburger patties, 2 eggs, 1 big bowl of fried rice, and gravy ($8). It was pretty huge, and it filled us both up. The fried rice was killaz! Nice pieces of ham and bacon and seasoned well. The next best thing were the eggs… they were so fresh and rich that the yolk was almost orange. Only thing about this loco moco were the burgers. They were premade, but they were tender and tasted ok. The gravy was standard brown gravy… tasted like the one Freddy’s uses. Even the burger tasted like the one Freddy’s uses. Anyway, we were happy and cleaned off the plate. :)


  • Burger: 18/30pts
  • Gravy: 20/30pts
  • Egg: 20/20pts
  • Rice: 22/20pts (bonus points)

Boy attacking Blane’s korean chicken

I just had to take a photo of this boy attacking a bento of korean chicken from Blane’s!

Fresh Crepes Kalbi Plates Poke to your taste!

There were other vendors too. There was even a poke truck. Nani Mau was also there offering this yummy looking prime rib plates for $9, which looked like a great deal. Great looking crepes making them fresh in front of you. Blane’s bentos. Kalbi plates for $6.

Swing Bev didn’t want to ride this one

I didn’t even get to go on a ride. I spend all my money on food nowadays… *sigh*

Wailoa State Park and Two Loco Mocos

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Sad news — Loco moco prices are up from $1.90 to $2.50 at Freddy’s Drive-In! No longer can I carry 2 bucks for lunch and still get back change. Yet another sign of the hurting economy. :(

Freddy’s sign $2.50??? Need some shoyu

We decided to picnic at Wailoa State Park, just one block away from Freddy’s. This beautiful park is full of green grass, calm waters, funky bridges, and kids running around with bread feeding all the ducks that hang out here.

Wailoa State ParkWailoa Bridge

There are lots of nice shady places to picnic here, and we found a perfect spot under a big tree, near the ducks!

Loco mocos Loco mocos

Unforunately, the ducks didn’t seem to care for the taste of our loco mocos. :/ But we thought they were pretty good.

Ducks didn’t like the loco mocos

Opinions on New Loco Moco Scale

Monday, February 13th, 2006

So what are your thoughts on the new Loco Moco Scale? I’m still debating whether or not I’ve weighted the items in the loco moco fairly.

Here’s the current breakdown (UPDATED!):

  • Burger: 30% (instead of 35%)
  • Gravy: 30% (instead of 35%)
  • Egg: 20% (instead of 15%)
  • Rice: 20% (instead of 15%)

Adding up to a maximum:


I’ve had one say that the egg should have heavier weight, which sounds fair, but I’m curious of what you all think. Please let me know your thoughts!