Cham Cham Korean BBQ

This place is located right behind Hilo Lunch Shop and seems very popular for their $5 bentos. While eating in, there was a steady stream of bentos going out. We were happy to have found a great Korean place in Hilo!

Service was nice. We got some great tasting vegetables to start with.

BBQ Chicken ($9)

Tender, juicy, nicely charred and well seasoned/marinated. Bev really liked it and ate it all!

Meat Jun ($9)

Super good! Soft and juicy. The meat was really tender which is always important with meat jun. Portion size was generous too.

Great place with great flavor and service.

421 Kalanikoa St, Ste 102, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 961-4741

10 Responses to “Cham Cham Korean BBQ”

  1. hmm Says:

    back in action! yaaay!

  2. Marlon Says:

    Went by about 2 weeks ago and they were closed down.

  3. aloecure-complaints Says:


    [...]Big Island Grinds » Cham Cham Korean BBQ[...]…

  4. Autumn Says:

    Awesome post.

  5. Stuff We Love: Lychee Makgeolli | Holoholo Girls Says:

    [...] Korean ingredients are somewhat limited. One day after work, Carolina and I headed over to Cham Cham, a local Korean restaurant and got to talking to the owner. Alan gave us the skinny on where to [...]

  6. Alexander Postwar Says:

    Cham Cham Korean Barbecue is one of the finest Korean dining establishments in Hilo, Hawaii. Rating: *****

    The pork (돼지 고기) and beef (쇠고기), as well as all other entrees I have had so far, are of the highest quality and mirror dishes found in restaurants in Seoul, Busan, and Gwangju. 음식은 맛있습니다. They also have great tasting bento boxes loaded with meat and vegetables for under $6.99 available for lunch, which make great picnic and hiking meals.

    The owners and staff are extremely kind and polite. There has not been one moment where my glass was empty or I was not attended to immediately. [As other reviewers have stated, the service is outstanding if not phenomenal].

    I am currently learning Korean and the hostess/waiter, as well as the owner, kindly answered all questions I had and was even willing to correct my pronunciation on certain conversational vocabulary.

    In regard to the restaurant itself, the interior is modestly decorated and has a warm and comforting ambiance that mirrors a mother’s kitchen with a hint of the charm of rural Korea.

    For those that like Korean cuisine and are visiting or live in Hilo, Cham Cham Korean BBQ is an excellent and friendly dining experience at an affordable cost.

  7. Alexander Postwar Says:

    Thanks for your recommendation James. The service and food were just as you described.

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