Hawaiian Style Cafe, Waimea

Hawaiian Style Cafe

Visiting this place today brought back my passion in food blogging, something I’ve missed for a long time. In fact, I was so excited to share with you guys about this place I couldn’t wait (even though I still have a backlist of places I still need to write about). Hawaiian Style Cafe is my new favorite place for SERIOUS GRINDZ.

Hawaiian Style Cafe Inside

Brah!!! Just look at my breakfast, “Da Tita Mok” ($8.25):

Da Tita Mok (Loco Moco)

Huge thick flame-broiled hamburger patty, 2 thick slices of spam, moist and crunchy chicken cutlet, 1 egg, grilled onions, fried rice, and rich tasty brown gravy over everything.

It tasted just as good as it looked. The hamburger patty was great quality local beef and fresh. It was actually on the leaner side but still very moist and meaty. Kind of like Ken’s burger but thicker and more moist. The chicken cutlet was my favorite. So moist and crispy on the outside and perfect with the gravy, which was very rich and homemade-tasting. Fried rice was really good too… not too salty and it didn’t overpower the rest of the dish. Grilled onions was a good touch and the spam was cooked just right. My only complaint was that the egg was a little overcooked on the bottom, but it was still nice and yolky. Wow. Quantity and quality.


Bev ordered two pancakes ($2.25/each pancake) but we actually shared everything.


HUGE HUGE HUGE. I liked these. Soft. Spongy. Moist. I do wish they had a bit more cake-like texture because it was a little too spongy/bouncy. I also wish that it was more crisp on the edges. I still would order these again. They were so soft and tasty.

Pancake closeup

Here’s the specials menu that was up (they even have “Stew Luau”! aka Beef Luau):

Hawaiian Style Cafe Specials

Here’s the Breakfast & Lunch Menu:

Breakfast Menu hawaiianstylecafe-11.jpg

How was the service? Friendly, local-style, like walking into your favorite Aunty’s kitchen… but very slow and sometimes forgetful (they were really busy). If you are in a rush to go somewhere, don’t come here. This is somewhere to go when you have all morning to eat and digest and all afternoon to sleep. One thing we missed was that you need to sign-in to the right of the door then wait until there are free seats.

The food made it all worth it though. I can’t wait to go back! I wish they were in Hilo!

Hawaiian Style Cafe
65-1290 Kawaihae Rd, Kamuela, HI 96743 (map)
(808) 885-4295

150 Responses to “Hawaiian Style Cafe, Waimea”

  1. WillD Says:

    Long-time reader, first-time comment. Oh, I miss da Big Island. Born and grew up in Hilo. Now live just outside Chicago (it’s -7 degrees here today). I would eat at Hawaiian Style Cafe everyday, if I could. The fuud looks soooo ono. A hui hou…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Whoa! I’ve heard of this place from friends who have been. Good food, huge portions. A few items feeds the whole family.

  3. kelly Says:

    whoooweeeee….if im not mistaken, i think da cafe has been in waimea foeva. I can remembah trips to da kona side or to hapuna (lived in hilo), and always stopping in wiamea foa ono plate lunch…..Im suprised no moa katsu brah!

  4. Penny Says:

    Must be good to be home! Remember the Waimea deli? Is this the same outfit?

    Thanks for the virtual comfort food!!

  5. Missouri Mule Says:

    My hubby and I have been coming to Hawaii for 30 years, whenever we save up enough to afford it, but made our first visit to the Big Island in March 2006. We were so lucky to stumble onto this cafe for lunch. We had plate lunches, one pork, one chicken, with the potato mac and rice sides. (Too long ago, I can’t remember exactly what each of us had.) Really delicious, and the staff and customers were so lovely. You are right in saying don’t be in a hurry, but that is a good thing. If somebody wants fast food, go someplace else. This is like auntie’s kitchen, as you said.

    Funny thing, after that trip, I Googled “Hawaiian local cooking” and found your blog. I searched it at first trying to find this very cafe, because neither of us could remember the name of it. I have learned a lot of good stuff about “da kine grinds” during these past 2 years, all on account of your blog, (even make my own decent potatomac salad now), and how delightful that you found the cafe which led us to you.

    Thanks, James, for a wonderful blog, which always makes me hungry!

  6. Lori Says:

    I keep meaning to try this place when I’m in Waimea. After seeing the food and menu, guarantee next time I’m there I’ll be stopping in. Thanks for the great review!

  7. Reid Says:


    WOW! This place must have been good! I will definitely check it out next time I am on the Big Island. Thanks for the tip!

  8. mochihead Says:

    This place gives HUGE HUGE HUGE portions! Paralysis! Coma! My brother and his co-workers can’t finish their plates when they go.

  9. Kirk Says:

    Hi James – My gosh, that look like a kanak attack in progress…I needed to go moi-moi just looking at that plate!

  10. Andrew Cooper Says:

    I am fortunate enough to work in Waimea and eat at Hawaiian style regularly, including lunch yesterday. I really have to confirm much of what you say in the review. You really got the flavor and taste of the place right!!

    It is fun to watch the first timer’s get their plates, eyes go wide and jaws drop. “Did I really order all of that?” Such a contrast to the usual small portions and high prices that typify other island eateries.

    Note… those pancakes are an included side on many of the breakfast menu items in place of the toast for those that are really hungry!

    We ate at Ken’s in Hilo last weekend, and noted that they claim to have the best breakfast on the island, they have obviously overlooked Hawaiian Style!

  11. bakopi5 Says:

    That pancake looks absolutely delicious. I’m having second thoughts on that breakfast plate though. It looks like a real heart stopper if you know what I mean…


  12. Mike Swanson Says:

    Hawaiian Style Cafe cooks up a storm of taste, flavor, & specials that make the drive up to Waimea worth my time. Sorry to the locals, but its my new home away from home when i hit that “Big Island”.
    Its all about that Kalua Hash, got ta have it — it fills me up & last a long time. Ok! I know there’s a lot of other good food their so i’ll just have to get back that way for some more testing….Aloha to All.

    Ps. Last meal was 3/18/2008

  13. Roland Says:

    You SO rock. I going find this place – camera in hand.
    Mahalo for doing what you do.
    (We just pau episode #25 – unreal, yeah?! And Nevada distribution starts in the Fall!)

  14. Peggy & Leland Says:

    We’re the owners of the Kalaheo Inn, on Kauai; whenever we’re on the Big Island we just gotta grind at the Hawaiian Style Cafe at least once. You won’t be disappointed…… try it you’ll like it!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Peggy & Leland, sun1fun@earthlink.net, http://www.kalaheoinn.com

    We’re the owners of the Kalaheo Inn, on Kauai; (www.kalaheoinn.com) whenever we’re on the Big Island we just gotta grind at the Hawaiian Style Cafe, at least once. You won’t be disappointed…… try it you’ll like it!

  16. micah Says:

    hey -

    i found your blog earlier tonight and i’ve pretty much been reading nonstop for about two hours now. man, that all looks like some great great food. i found it by googling “real hawaiian food”. :) i’ve never been to hawaii, but while i was sitting around here tonight, i was thinking about dinner and i thought to myself that hawaii must have some great food because of the different cultures meeting there. i figured it had to be more than pineapple chicken, yanno? glad i found it – everything looks fantastic. i need to figure out how to make some of this stuff!

    that moco loco especially looks damn good. i live in rochester, ny, and you might not know that we have a local dish pretty close: garbage plate. mac salad, home fries, burger on top, some chili-type gravy, mustard, onions, and hot sauce. so you see, moco loco sounds like my kinda thing. ;)

    anyway, thanks for enlightening me. now to go learn myself some recipes (http://www.lindysonorecipes.com/ seems a good start)!


  17. Chris Says:

    I was just looking online for recipes for Loco Moco and came across your sight right away. What a pleasant surprise to see that you had a post about this cafe. My wife and I just visited the islands in April and spent a lot of money on some expensive meals. You Hawaiians know how to pick a tourist’s pocket :)

    Our most memorable (and cheapest) meal was at Hawaii Style Cafe. It was my first chance to try the legendary Loco Moco and I jumped right in with both feet and ordered what they called “The Big Mok.” When it was served to me I could not believe the amount of food that was in front of me. I think it was like two each of Spam, portuguese sausage, pork sausage and eggs, plus a platform of rice large enough to accommodate such a load. I am happy to report that I ATE THE WHOLE THING!!!! We were driving around the island that day and had plans to stop in Hilo for lunch. Not necessary – that breakfast held us through until dinner.

    We could really tell that this was a local hangout but were made to feel very welcome. The service was friendly and well timed. If I can get back to Hawaii I will be back to Hawaii Style Cafe.

  18. Pomai Says:

    Whoah, dat plate truly is fit to feed a “Tita Moke”. lol My heart nearly jumped out of my chest just looking at it!

    James, what do think of the Loco Moco at Rainbow Drive Inn in Honolulu? Personally, I think their brown gravy is horrible, but plenty of people rave about it as being one of the best. Just thought I’d ask a Loco Moco enthusiasts such as yourself.

    Hawaiian Style Cafe is the kind of place Guy Fieri needs to visit if he ever stops by the Big Island for a “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” taping.

  19. Waimea Girl Says:

    Whoa there….”luau stew” is not beef stew….at least not at Hawaiian Style Cafe…it is made with pork and luau leaves and a touch of salt – that’s it…pure and simple…maybe has chicken or pork broth, kinda soupy and oh so good!! It is one of my favorites….eat it with either poi or rice and “chilipepper water” – the best!

    And their “simple breakfast” of eggs, rice and bacon – HUGEMONGOUS….I mean like you know how when you go eat an egg and bacon breakfast at any other restaurant – they present the eggs and rice with (if you’re lucky) 4 pieces of bacon…not here – it’s like a crane goes and grabs a half pound of bacon and puts it on the plate….I’m totally serious!!!

    If you’ve never experienced Hawaiian Style Cafe – you MUST put it on your list of things to do. You MUST. And…the price is right.

  20. Waimea Girl Says:

    Loco Moco at Rainbow Drive-Inn??? Sorry to report – it doesn’t come close to Hawaiian Style Cafe….not by a mile even! And you are right – their gravy is instant kind….yuk…..

    Oh and you just HAVE to try their Hawaiian plate….good grief….make sure you have someone to share it with….so good!!! Can’t go wrong there!

  21. Steve Says:

    I may have to do a roadtrip… haven’t eaten there in two years and I’m overdue. Best breakfast/lunch place on the island! Yum!

  22. Roy Hirayama Says:

    Wow!! This place brought back memories of growing up in Waimea in the 70′s and 80′s when the 2 local favorite eateries were Waimea Deli and the Hitchin Post.

    The food and service were excellent. Very reasonably priced and selection was great. I ate Da Tita Moke and Pork with Watercress, it was like eating a home cooked meal.

    I am looking forward to another trip back home to the Big Island and will definitely grab some breakfast or lunch.

  23. Margaret Moralas Says:

    I am friends with Mike & Amy Bendtsen. They used to own Hawaiian Style Cafe. I lost touch. Can you give them my e-mail or tell me what happen to them . Thanks, Margaret Moralas

  24. Margaret Moralas Says:

    Margartt Moralas e-mail mm1954@aol.com

  25. Fred and fam Says:

    Whenever we are on the Big Island we eat breakfast at HSC. It’s awesome and the folks are great. What a treat!

  26. Mike Swanson Says:

    Island Surfing….
    Gettttting excited about going back to “The Big Island” and feeding my face in one of the best resturants around. Just wondering what’s new on the menu????
    Hawaiian Style is a must stop in Waimea, or should i say, if your going to eat….Save it til you get to Hawaiian Style Cafe. See you guys soon!!!!!


  27. Lauren Says:

    The best part of my day was eating at Hawaiian style cafe. The food filled me up and the price was very reasonable. Nothing can be compared to the food at Hawaiian Style Cafe. We had to go back for more 3 times in one week while on our vacation in hawaii.

  28. Jim Gagne Says:

    Hey guys my name is Jim Gagne and I am a producer at the Weather Channel I am looking for a local guide on the big island that can introduce me to some of the charectors of the big island. We are doing a reality type show from there and are looking for outgoing oddballs that live there. Any suggestions would be great.

    Please email me


    thanks a bunch and I am really looking forward to going there in April


  29. Article: Food Network mag discovers Hawaii's loco moco. - Hometalkcafe.com Says:

    [...] indeed makes a fine loco moco. But HAWAII Magazines staff has its own favorites: The loco moco at Hawaiian Style Caf in Waimea on the Big Island, is noteworthy for its quality and its sheer quantity, says HAWAII [...]

  30. Neva Mind Says:

    Woah Brah Hawaiian style cafe get some killah grinds…meah and mahh family jus came back from Kona and we went there for eat and i loved da food it was soo big da plate food espically Da pancake and i had a lite breakfast and Da lite breakfast was da kine we eat for regula in kauai…I love their food is killahs

  31. Jason Says:

    This place is awesome to eat at, can’t wait to get back to the Big Island, first stop, Hawaiian Style Cafe.

  32. Aloha Wahine Says:

    I use to work at Hawaiian Style Cafe during my summers I visited Waimea. The original owners, Mike Bendtsen and Hokulani Haleua, are my aunty and uncle. They are divorced now, but uncle Mike kept the restaurant running until about 8 or 9 years ago when we sold it to new people from Kohala.

    Even so, the food is still absolutely delicious and service is great thanks to one of the lead servers there (she’s been there from the beginning), Kim. Try everything you can and go back as often as you can!! The food is onoliscious and not pricey like the other places around town or in Kona/Hilo. The luau stew is to DIE FOR and the burgers are so huge you can probabaly share that with two people, as well. The pancakes are as big as the plates they come on and very light and fluffy. ONO!! :)

    It is a great spot to stop at when traveling to Hilo from Kona or vice-versa. The breakfast crowd is regulars during the week as well as on the wekeends, so get there early and ENJOY!!

  33. James Says:

    That is my kind of eating!

  34. Terese Thomas Says:

    I have been looking for an old friend- Is thise Hokulani Haleua from Honolulu? We were friends in 1978.

  35. Dexter O Says:

    I had one of the most memorable meals ever at the Hawaiian Style Cafe. I enjoyed every bite, but there was so much food. I tried my best, but I could not finish. I remember asking the waitress…I would like to see the chicken that laid the eggs for my scramble eggs. Because the menu said two eggs scramble, but it looked more like half dozen eggs. Cannot wait until I get the chance to return to Kona. I’ll will do my best to come and eat at the Hawaiian Style Cafe again. Thank You and much Aloha!!

  36. Cyrus Mead Says:

    Merry Christmas Eve ! I took my nephews there for Christmas Eve breakfast this morning I ate so much i was almost asleep and for got my phone there. I had the biscuits and gravy that came with sage and eggs. Kaikea had the Kids Plate a Mickey mouse shaped pancake with a whip cream smiley face eggs and sausage and Keanu (12) had fried rice and french toast.It almost sunset and were still full. Da Kine Ono grinds!

  37. Lahela Kamaka Says:

    ALWAYS a stop when we go to Big Island! From Honolulu and was in Waimea last August. We stayed at the Kamuela Inn which is literally right next door. Perfect for kanak attack then back to the room to moi after eating the tita mok! We’ll be back in there in a few weeks and you know Hawaiian Style Cafe is where you’ll find us for breakfast!

  38. baba Says:

    ono kine grindz!!! i took da ohana from honolulu there this past weekend n let me tell u…da portions were hubungus! loved every single bite! mahalo hawaiian style cafe this will now be part of a family tradition!!!

  39. Gregry Says:

    In my recent vacation to beautiful Hawai’i, my hosts recommended breakfast at your restaurant, and I looked forward to enjoying one of your interesting dishes.

    But when we got there, I found out that you are using hydrogenated oils/trans fats for all of your frying, and that your cooks cannot prepare a meal in butter or another safe and healthy oil instead.

    Do you really not care that you are slowly poisoning your customers with this indigestible unhealthy plastic like oil? I’m sure it’s cheap and since no natural life forms can digest it either, it’s indestructible, so you find it convenient to use although at the expense of your customers’ health. Trans fats cannot be eliminated from the body, and accumulate in our arteries.

    I certainly hope you will see the error of your ways and make amends as soon as possible. You will truly mar my impression of the Spirit of Aloha if you take no action. Trans fats are illegal in restaurants in King Co, New York, San Francisco, et al states and Europe in general.

    The goal for human eating should always be “Healthy and Delicious” – not “delicious and destructive”.

    Note: I plan to share this letter of feedback to you with local Hawai’ian newspapers.

  40. Rick Sebak’s Blog » I love the taste of malasadas in the morning. Says:

    [...] favorite breakfast spots for loco moco on the Big Island:  the Hawaiian style cafe called Hawaiian Style Cafe in Waimea which is up in the north central part of the island, about 60 miles from here.  We [...]

  41. Rick Sebak’s Blog » Hawaiian style breakfast at Hawaiian Style Cafe Says:

    [...] And I didn’t even tell you about “da tita mok” they made for us.  It’s another BIG variation on a loco moco, with multiple meats, eggs, and gravy.  A primo burger patty (perhaps as great as a Tessaro’s burger for us Pittsburghers.) It’s the dish that got James to bring us here.  Read about it on his blog! [...]

  42. Hawaiian Gator Says:

    Auwe! Now living in Florida and I’m on a diet to boot and my friend back home send me this link to make me envious he can grind all the local favorites. When I see the food, all the great memories come flooding back and I smile if only at your pictures!

  43. Jack Says:

    great post! Be sure to post on http://tinyurl.com/26okadh and tell us more!

  44. Sue Stevens Says:

    Four of us ate at the Hawaiian Style Cafe last week – my husband had the famous loco moco, my daughter had the Hawaiian bread french toast, her husband had the pancakes and meat (1/2 pound of bacon!!!) and I had the “Healthy Plate!” Not only was the food fabulous, but the atmosphere was authentic Hawaiian cafe and the wait staff was very attentive! I can’t wait until my next trip to Hawaii just to go there again!

  45. Eat Where the Locals Eat in Hawaii Says:

    [...] Island’s Hawaiian Style Cafe in [...]

  46. Don Says:

    My wife and I are here on the big island for our third year in a row and can not get enough of the Hawaiian Style Cafe! Dis Loco Moco brok da mout brah! It makes resort food seem like…RESORT FOOD.

  47. CYRUS MEAD Says:


  48. Hawaiian Style Cafe – Loco Moco | Hawaiian Seamonkey Says:

    [...] Big Island Grinds Blog [...]

  49. Gina Says:

    Ha! One of my Exes used to rave about this place and it’s pancakes!

  50. Guy Kaoo Says:

    I am the owner of Hawaiian Style Cafe and I would like to extend a “Big Mahalo” to all of wonderful and valued customers.
    Here at the Hawaiian Style Cafe, We are always in the constant improvement process. We buy local products from Nakamoto Farms (varieties of lettuce and cabbage), beef from Andrades (Hawaii Beef Producers), produce from the Waimea and Kona Farmer’s Markets, fresh fish (when available) from local fishermen, etc.

    In addition to our affordable and extensive menu. we offer healthy options of fresh local grown papaya, vegetarian omelets, egg white omelets, brown rice, turkey bacon and toss salad.

    We appreciate everyones comments and it is through everyones feedback that we are able to stay on the path of continuous improvement. I would also like to stress that we do not and have never used trans fat oils in any of our cooking. Our purchase order records can attest to that fact. Once again, a “Big Mahalo Nui Loa” to all of you.

    Mahalo, Guy

  51. Maria Says:

    I’m going home for a visit and plan on grubbing at this place all the family says gotta go good food! I can still remember going to gatherings your family’s home in Hawi, the food was always so ono… looking forward to this visit and the flavors of the Island.

  52. north end boston restaurant reviews Says:

    Re: Big Island Grinds » Hawaiian Style Cafe, Waimea thanks, I enjoyed reading it, got an insight or two!

  53. Divers Post --- Mike from Dive N Surf Says:

    Aloha Everyone,

    What’s this about the lucky “Horseshoe”….No one told me I was suppose to rub it before I left. The food is always great and I wonder what new item will be on the menu. Ok! So people say this horseshoe is bringing them luck, what with it? Is there a story or two more you can tell me about it? I’ll be back for some of those pancakes, do the rub, and hopefully I get lucky too!

    Thanks for the “Grinds”….Mike

  54. Wendy Hahn Says:

    One of the best breakfast’s of my life!! Yummy Yummy, Yummy Love it cannot wait to go back yay!

  55. Gil Says:

    I wasn’t sure I wanted to go inside, but after one meal there, I kept going back for more. The food is like no other! The best breakfast I’ve ever had in my life! And the people treated us like family! Family, Good Food and Lots of It is what they’re all about. I even bought a t-shirt that said Fat Boys Club.
    I can’t wait to go back and order a Loco-Moco, Haupia Mac Nut Pancakes, and Kona Coffee & POG. The Shave Ice next door is also a treat!
    I miss you guys already! MAHALO!

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  61. Leilani Says:

    Bugga was mean!huge plate!Ono bra!!

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  65. Jim Franks Says:

    This place is great. Huge portions, excellent prices and very friendly staff. We are going back before we head home saturday

  66. Kai Says:

    Finally! Coming to Hilo! WELCOME!!

  67. Marshall Churner Says:

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  68. Bernard Says:

    Heard has great food. Called the Hilo location. Can NOT place an order in advance for pick up the next day.. What’s with that?

  69. Eat Local – Get Off the Beaten Path and Enjoy the Experience | Have2Cruise® Says:

    [...] told us about a little place in Waimea (about 15 minutes up the road from the hotel) called “Hawaiian Style Cafe“. He said the food was cheap but really good. He also told us to be sure to order the house [...]

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  71. Steve Says:

    I have been to the Hawaiian Style café several times.. back in 1999-2003. If I ever have the chance to visit the best island in Hawaii again, I will eat their wonderful food overflowing the edges of huge plates. I miss you Waimea!

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  88. Leslie Says:

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    He owned the cafe previously.
    Awesome chef! :-)

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