Live from Cafe 100: My Usual Order

Kilauea Loco

The Kilauea Loco here is da grindz! It uses chili instead of the usual gravy and burger. Only 4.75.

6 Responses to “Live from Cafe 100: My Usual Order”

  1. alan Says:

    That photo made me hungry. Only $4.75?!

  2. lance Says:

    Wow, you used your palm centro to shot that picture. Nice………….. Good old Cafe 100. Such memories.

  3. kelly Says:

    so whea da buggah rank on da rubio scale?

  4. Reid Says:


    Zippy’s has a chili loco moco, but I think this one from Cafe 100 looks just as good! Especially since I think I see Spam on the plate!

  5. Kirk Says:

    Hi James – That is my wife’s favorite as well.

  6. Hank Says:

    Have you ever had a cheezy girl @ Cafe 100? I never got around to asking them what it was? Anyone?

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