Merrie Monarch 2007 – Miss Aloha

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the first night of Merrie Monarch! This was the first time either of us has ever seen this in person, so it was really exciting and lots of fun. These photos are from my flickr account, so I can’t make them “pop up”.

Merrie Monarch 2007
Merrie Monarch 2007
Merrie Monarch 2007
Merrie Monarch 2007
Merrie Monarch 2007
Merrie Monarch 2007 Merrie Monarch 2007

And of course, because this is Big Island Grinds, the Merrie Monarch Hawaiian Plate ($8.50):

Merrie Monarch 2007

Kalua Pig & Cabbage, chicken long rice, poi, lomi salmon, white rice and haupia w/taro. Time to grind. :D Everything was delicious! Poi could’ve been moa sour, but that’s just my preference. Other than that, I really enjoyed it, especially while watching the beautiful hula dancers.

You can also see the entire photo set here.

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  1. The Mrs. Says:

    YUMM!! GOOD TIMES!!! I thought poi could’ve been moa sour too.. everything else was sooo ono! Let’s go again tonight for another plate!

  2. jodi Says:

    lol, the Mrs… :)

    Glad you guys had a good time, looks like it was fun. And the food looked great!

  3. Hawaiian Artist Says:

    Howzit James

    I know this is off topic with Merrie Monarch but since you are a connoisseur of Loco Moco I had to mention this place for you to try out and review.

    This place is probably the only long time real original Loco moco places still standing in Hilo. It also happens to be in the close vicinity as where the original Loco moco was invented being Linoln grill way back in the 50′s.

    This hole in the wall place I am talking about is Koji’s Bento. I bring this up as my wife took us there for lunch today and I almost forgot about this place with their fabulous locos!

    For $4.95 you get the koji Loco which is cooked right there in front of you to order. It includes a home made pattie, eggs, Macaroni salad, kim chee, and portuguese sausage. This plate is huge and way more than enough to fill your needs.

    Aside from the Koji loco is my favorite the teriyaki loco.

    Koji’s has long been the hidden jewel for loco moco among the Hilo natives. About 32 years ago it was called another name which I believe was Mino’s . As kids we used to raid the Wailoa Art centers penny fountain and buy locos with the loose change! LOL!

    Koji’s is located on Ponahawaii st right across from Agasa Furniture.

    Try this place out it is the end of the rainbow for loco moco connoisseurs!

    Da Artist

  4. Kirk Says:

    Hey James – Beautiful photos!

  5. James Says:

    The Mrs: Too bad we couldn’t make it to the other nights. :( Next year let’s go!

    jodi: thanks! it was a blast.

    Da Artist: Man, you got me hungry when you brought back my memory of Koji’s loco moco. I remember eating it years ago. I forget exactly how it was but I know it was good. Thanks for the reminder — I added Koji’s Bento to the list of places I gotta check out. I think it’s even better that they have a long time history like you mentioned. I’ll post about them soon!

    Kirk: thanks! i’m getting more into photography.. still need a better zoom for these kinds of events.

  6. Julie Says:

    Looks so good, wish I was there eating some right now.

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