Mountain View Stone Cookies

Mountain View Stone Cookies

I don’t understand why people love these so much. They are hard, bland and stale.

Stone Cookie with Coffee

They do taste really good with coffee though. Maybe it’s the Hawaiian version of biscotti?

Well, maybe I do understand them after all. Good cookies these are. :)

Mt View Bakery Inc
18-1319 Old Volcano Rd
Mountain View, HI
(808) 968-6353

78 Responses to “Mountain View Stone Cookies”

  1. Dean Says:

    the i agree, plain ones are so-so. I do like the chocolate chip ones better. If you are going to give them a try,best get it from the bakery direct.

  2. Kent Says:

    I too never understood the following for this cookie? (i.e. paperweight, hockey puck, skipping stone) They show up here at work on Oahu from God knows where?

    It’s been around forever! I’ve heard some toast them and butter it like a slice of bread. I’m afraid to bite them ’cause I might break my teeth! Maybe the dentists’ are perpetuating the myth of the Stone Cookie”….. now stoney cookies and brownies are another story.

  3. Bryan Says:

    After living in hilo for 17 years stone cookies are one of the thing i miss most. Im loving in Nebraska now, just got a box in today with some stone cookies. god i love them!

  4. Jessica Says:

    Elaine, you are just to funny. Dont ever loose your sense of humor.

  5. Ray & Gail Stein Says:

    Stone Cookies – to die for………

    We have searched everywhere, all the other Hawaiian Islands and on the Mainland – ‘No Stone Cookies’….!!!

    Yes, we are actually planing a trip back to Hilo once again – just for the Stone Cookies !!! We live in Oak Park, CA. and own a nice place in Kauai, but on Kauai they have never heard of Stone Cookies !!!

    I must open a life line between the Big Island and California and arrange for monthly shipments of Stone Cookies to the millions in this State !!!

    Yes, I’ll kill for these cookies…… any suggestions – PLEASE respond to: …….. In desprate need of a Stone Cookie Fix..!!!

    Ray & Gail

  6. Ray Dawat Says:

    My co-workers were razzing me about my STONE COOKIES. I had them try some. Big mistake. They started asking me for stone cookies. Now I have to eat them on the sly. Eh Bra, Sis, next time you come Vegas bring mo than 1 package.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    My family is in Mountain View. We used to have bags of them around ALL the time!!! They are so yummy dipped in milk or hot cocoa. Don’t dis these cookies.
    The Mt. View bakery used to make good bread too.

  8. Randy Says:

    These are my favorite cookies. I remember growing up in Mt. View and going in the back of the bakery to get the fresh baked Stone Cookie and bread. When every any of my friends from the mainland go the Hawaii for vacation, I tell them to bring back so Stone cookies. I like them with crunchy peanut butter and milk. The best…My friends also enjoy them.

  9. Chad Says:

    Just got some at KTA Hilo cuz I was craving them on the mainland. Got back to Oahu and they were cheaper there then on Big Island. Whats up with that? What are they at the bakery–eh and no forget the bakery closes at noon so no go volcano then bakery–bakery first!!

  10. Chad: Says:

    Where on Oahu did you find them??? I’m working with kids in an after school program and wanted to either make them with the kids of have them eat them. We’re studying rock, crystals, and gems.

  11. Gg Says:

    Yes please anyone know where on Oahu to get them?

  12. Roy K. Says:

    Sometimes Longs brings them in, but not too often

  13. marj Says:

    great cookies………… them as a gift and eversince then .been craving…….once in a while .get them as a gift………….and even called them directly.but dont send over the mail………………….after few years of waiting to get them and now finally……………god answered my prayer………….and yes they now sell at longs……………..better if it’s directly from the bakery (it tastes better.i don’t know why)……..but at least now……every time i have a craving in them……………longs is just a few minutes away……

  14. TEDDIE Says:


  15. hilogal Says:

    hi teddie,

    go to ISLAND GRINDS to see my response to mailorder stone cookie.


  16. hilogal Says:

    hi teddie,

    go to ISLAND GRINDS to see my response to mailorder stone cookies.


  17. hilogal Says:

    hi ted,
    found mail order source for stone cookies in hilo. they are mailing me a box of cookies nxt week. if they are good will post (“results”) here on Grinds.


  18. hilogal Says:

    just mail ordered a box on stone cookies from___HILO… not Mt. View.
    if they good like truly hard not fat-laden- crunchy will post here.

    if they arent really stone cookies lik we know them will start experimenting with daughter and granddaughter (from Glenwood) Hi.



  19. hilogal Says:

    bakery in hilo bakes and mails stone cookies.


  20. hilogal Says:

    OHH HAPPY HAPPY DAY. hilo bakery just phoned to say they mailed my box of stone cookies TODAY!!

    5 days priority mail.can hardly wait. no! correction of course i can.

    we have alocking mailbox so will to “way lay” my maillady otherwise cookies go back to P.O. and couldnt get them till next day.


  21. James Says:

    hilogal, i’m glad you found a source for your stone cookies!

    mind sharing where for the other readers here? :)

  22. Tita in MI Says:

    My sis from Hi just mailed me a package! These cookies bring back A LOT of memories for me since my parents are originally born and raised from the Big Island! Visits to grandma & grandpa’s house every summer! ROCK COOKIES with ovaltine for breakfast or for a great snack after visiting the volcano and its lava flow! As a little girl I never liked them because they are hard as rock! But during the years and visits to Hilo I have acquired a taste for them. Great to take on hiking or hunting trips. These cookies are the best!

  23. miss tree Says:

    Okay where do I get information on ordering this cookies and having them shipped
    I can not find a web site for Hilo Bakery or for the Mountain view bakery
    when I went to Hilo and found the Mountain view it was Sunday and the bakery was closed I did however find the cookies at the airport. If I want to mail order them how and where do I go to do this


  24. Jay Says:

    Wow, way late since this was posted back in ’06, but had to submit a comment. I was born and raised in Mt. View and this brings backs a lot of memories.

    Yamada store, going to the old movie theater, and spending every day up at the gym/park.

    My mom used to send me to the bakery to get fresh bread and stone cookies all the time.

  25. Baroness Radon Says:

    ‘Nilla Wafers on steroids! Great with coffee. Just brought some back from a Big Island Thanksgiving getaway, wish I had brought more. Maybe the key to the baking is a volcanic geothermal oven?

  26. Deanna Olivera Aiko Says:

    Mt. View Stone cookies are something u have to grow up with to love. Its a simple cookie that reminds me of life when it was much simpler in good ole Mt. View. Before if u called in a order 1 or days before they would have soft kind for u at the bakery. Does anyone know if Mr. Kotomori (da owner ) is still alive? Miss my stone cookies, the fresh bread and there chocloat candys used to be in the ice box to keep it from melting they also had the penny candy for before or after school!!!!!! Oh the good ole days!!!!

  27. Ron Says:

    Sorry to say Mr. Kotomori has passed on. Relatives are now running the bakery on a limited schedule. Fond memories of Uncle and Aunty are flowing back as I’m typing this.
    As a legacy, the good ole stone cooky is still here to be enjoyed by all.

  28. Wes Says:

    If you have a chance to score the freshly baked warm (soft) cookies, you must try them! Different in a pleasant way and much easier on the teeth! I agree with an earlier post that the flavor of the cookies seems better from the bakery but maybe its my imagination.

    Several years ago when we visited the store, I recall feeling a sense of time warp walking in; an old wooden structure with an screen door and concrete floor. The cookies were placed in a plain plastic bag with a twist tie and stored in either large plastic bins or ice chests. Simple, no frills, and tastes so good…

  29. c Says:

    sorry grandpa dies in the late 90′s. cousins are now running the bakery. cookies are still good and theres different varieties of it too.

  30. c Says:

    ***sorry meant to say died

  31. c Says:

    soory again***in his late 90′s in 2000

  32. Ronald Burnett Says:

    I want the recipe for these cookies. I ate these through the 70′s going to school in Mt. View & Hilo High. They have embedded a taste in my head i will never forget……… Ronald Burnett ( Ronald Mc Donald Carol Burnett )

  33. Ronald Burnett Says:

    Ronald Mc. Donald Carol Burnett ate these cookies reach him at

  34. Tootsie Says:

    When I moved to Hilo about 30 years ago, one day a new friend gave me some of these cookies. I thought it was a joke. They’re not very sweet, they’re HARD as a rock, they taste stale and well…actually not much taste at all. By the time I had eaten the entire package, I developed some insane addiction to them. We left Hilo after 3 years and now I live on Oahu. I get them at Longs. But they don’t have the original ones….they have the ones with chocolate chips or with raisins. I want the original ones. Lay them on a cookie-sheet, put them in your oven (off) for a few hours then back in the package…that way, they really get even harder! So strange….but I like stale cheetos too! Go figure!

  35. Yolly Says:

    I have forgotten how fabulous these stone cookies are. It has been years since I’ve had them and recently families from Keaau visited California and brought these cookies to me. OMG, onolicious. I want more.

  36. Smitty Says:

    is there any updated info on how to order cookies online?

  37. Adam Says:

    I am in Braselton Georgia in the mainland and love these cookies! My Mother used to work in the bakery in MT. View when i was a young boy!

  38. Adam Says:

    She worked at the bakery when i was going to Mt. View Elementary school. Her name is Connie. I can still remember the smell of those cookies out in the street in front of the bakery!!

  39. MJ Says:

    Today, I tried my first Stone Cookie and I must say..”I LOVE THEM!”

  40. Becky Says:

    I love reading all of the input about the Stone cookies! I work at Mt. View Bakery helping to “pound” the stone cookies one at a time- by hand. Just to update all you adoring fans out there the bakery does mail out the cookies and other items we sell, no online shopping or credit cards though- we are still pretty old school regarding those things. Call the bakery (808) 968-6353 we are happy to helpW we are still located in the same spot in the Village, 18-1319 Old Volcano Rd come on in if you can.

  41. sandra bryan wong Says:

    Bought a bag at Longs and have been hooked ever since. What’s wrong with Longs, they never seem to stock enough. They must make money on these cookies, so why not stock more?

  42. Ann and Susan Says:

    We stopped by to ask for directions to a cemetery cross. Thank you we did find it over by Pinkie’s! :) We bought several bags of cookies and ended up eating one driving around Hilo. We are hooked, as are anyone we shared them with! Great cookies and directions!! Look forward to stopping by next June when we are on the Big Island. Mahalo.

  43. ellen kim Says:

    i used to buy stone cookies whenever i came back here for a vacation,
    and since i moved back here, i found them at Don Quiotes. I was really disappointed because they started using much more sugar than
    before. i think 4 grams of sugar is enough; less better for me. they
    should make some with less sugar and i am sure all the diabetic
    people would love them. but, don’t ever use sugar substitutes(terrible).

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  47. boyd Says:

    where can you buy it in Maui?

  48. BigToots (Colorado) Says:

    Stone Cookies!!!! I love them…no one in Colorado (that I know of) sells them. When I lived in Hawaii I use to buy them & later my son sent them to me but no more. Sigh……….

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  50. Kama'aina Lani Says:

    These cookies are the best!!! Grew up eating these and now my children’s grand children are enjoying them!

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  52. Lady Chatterley Says:

    I find that each island has a favorite dish I adore. Cream Puffs from Maui. Pineapples from Lanai. Molokai bread. Liliha Bakery on Oahu. And Hamura Saimin on Kauai. Stone Cookies was introduced to me as a gift from my insurance agent via SunLife of Canada.

    I have fallen in love with Mt. View stone cookies since then, 1982. I am searching online for the opportunity to place an order. Instead, I found you.

    I will keep searching. . .

  53. jayewo hilo Says:

    My grandparents always had these for my brother and I when we came to visit them from Hilo. Not only are the cookies to die for, but their bread was fabulous! My grandpa would always get the bread fresh while it was still warm and they always had real butter! OMG! I miss those times. I still buy the cookies and the bakery now makes other pastry as well. I must say that their pastry is delicious too!

  54. Hilo transplant Says:

    Anyone on Maui can now get them at the Tesoro on Dairy Road. I saw them yesterday and had to buy a bag(original-of course!) They also had chocolate chip and the other had raisins.

  55. kauai-mike Says:

    I get stone cookies whenever and wherever I can get them …. going to BI soon and will stock up before returning home!

  56. LA Booklady Says:

    Was visiting Big Island last week and on the map we saw Mt. View village and Park and decided to visit. Drove right by, must have blinked because I didn’t see any village, park or post office. Realized we must have passed it at Old Volcano Rd. Went back, saw the PO, the Stone Cookies sign and drove through the “village”. There were only about half dozen buildings, most in disrepair. We saw the bakery, but it didn’t look open and there was no sign giving hours, just one saying to make sure you close the doors. Wasn’t even sure it was a public entrance. It looked like a ghost town.

    While waiting at the airport I saw the Stone Cookies being sold in one of the shops. The clerk highly reccomended them, but I didn’t buy any because they were asking $7.50 for 13 oz. Quite a bit more than I usually pay for cookies.

    “Last Sat. I saw them again at the Swap Meet at Maui College for $6.50 and broke down and bought a pkg. Bad idea. . . now I’m hooked! And I am back in LA. They were out of them at the Long’s I went to. :(

    The cookies I got were round, not oblong. Oblongs are easier to dip in a cup.
    Will be back on BI next year and will definitely go to the bakery.

  57. kauai transplant Says:

    I now live in South Dakota, and you gotta love the local ways. You can call them and they will mail the cookies to you, and they send the bill with the cookies. eat cookies now, pay later. Just make sure you pay….lol
    My husband and I love these cookies… will be trying the new ones too.

  58. Sherrie Says:

    I’m new to building web sites and I was wondering if having your site title related to your content really that critical? I notice your title, “Big Island Grinds Mountain View Stone Cookies ” does seem to be spot on with what your website is about yet, I prefer to keep my title less content descriptive and based more around site branding. Would you think this is a good idea or bad idea? Any kind of help would be greatly valued.

  59. alexa! Says:

    My mom grew up in MT view hill. I swear to God there is never a sunny day there! XD my grandparents both live their as flower sellers and they sell beautiful anthuriums at the market. I live in New Jersey so we early go but my grandma always sends us care packages stuffed with canned guava juice, spam flavored macadamia nuts, dried seaweed strips and the main event stone cookies. Of course in return we send her all kinds of different pastas, Hispanic food, and other things like Goya beans that are hard to find there. Stone cookies and nutella are the best thing in this whole planet. So delicious! I can’t wait to go back so we can get them fresh! Mahalo from the Northeast! (Though understandable we are not all loud Italians who are completely orange and 4’9) XD XD XD

  60. Foodie Says:

    Hello! I was on the big island a few months ago and a local recommended stone cookies to me. i bought a bag and love them. Sadly, i didn’t buy more because I live in the east coast. Where can I get mail order of the stone cookies??

    -Desparately craving for stone cookies

  61. Shanel Says:

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  62. Chuck Says:

    I love these cookies Im not sure what most of you are talking about I have called the shop and they were so kind to ship me the cookies with the bill and I sent them a check after I got them. Even with anything else thats the best
    I am now in Afghanistan and am having a friend on the Island ship me some here.

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  77. Megan Says:

    My family wanted the recipe for the stone cookies.

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