Loco Moco Recipe

Homemade Loco Moco

Here’s an easy way to make a quick and yummy loco moco, the classic Hawaiian soulfood consisting of 4 components: hamburger patty, rice, egg, and brown gravy.

Ingredients for 2 big servings:

  • Hamburger Patties
    • 1lb Hamburger (not lean)
    • 1/4 cup grated onions (optional)
    • salt/pepper to taste
  • Gravy
    • 1 can good beef broth
    • flour for thickening
    • 1 tb butter
    • couple dashes of Worcestershire sauce
  • 4 eggs
  • hot cooked white rice

1. Gently mix the hamburger, grated onions and salt/pepper. Form either 2 big patties or 4 smaller size patties.
2. Heat frying pan until very hot.
3. Place hamburger patties on the pan/grill and let sear just until juices start appearing on the top. Flip over and cook for a couple more minutes. You will want the burger slightly charred but still tender on the inside.
4. Place burgers on the side.

1. Pour a little broth into the same pan and incorporate the yumyums, then pour in the rest of the broth.
2. Bring to a boil and let reduce for about 3-5 minutes or so, depending on taste, for a more potent gravy.
3. Turn down heat to a simmer.
4. Add couple dashes of worcestershire sauce.
5. In a seperate bowl, mix flour with some water.
6. Using a whisk, slowly whisk in the flour/water mixture until gravy is nicely thick & smooth.
7. Turn off heat and mix in the butter until well blended.

Traditionally, the eggs should be sunny-side up. The secret to a good fried egg is to fry the egg slowly on low heat until it’s cooked… just don’t overcook it! It also helps to have the eggs thawed to room temperature before cooking them.

Use regular medium grain white rice… like 3 scoops worth per plate.

Assembly (bottom -> top):
Rice -> Burger -> Egg -> Gravy all over

Optional condiments:
Shoyu, ketchup, tabasco

loco moco condiments


427 Responses to “Loco Moco Recipe”

  1. jodi Says:

    ohhh…looks good, but sunny side up? Ick. James, you do great pictures :)

  2. Dean Says:

    howzit James- you forgot to give us your Loco Moco scale rating on this recipe. If it was made to your taste did it get 100%?
    Good job!

  3. lance Says:


    Great shot!!!!! Talk about “broke da mouth” ono looking loco moco.

  4. kelly Says:

    Looks ono brah! Da picture no look like get plenny rice thought……brah…moa bettah make da gravy in da pan, so u deglaze da buggah an get all da good drippins!…..looks winnas brah!

  5. James Says:

    jodi, how you like your eggs? i tink sunny side up is de besses coz da yolk is moa yolky dat way!

    Dean, haha.. no loco moco scale for dis one. I would be pretty biased… plus whenever i cook, it never tastes as good as if i didn’t cook it. What’s up wit dat?

    kelly, das right! you get um

  6. jodi Says:

    man, it’s gotta be hard cooked and smushed down in the pan. Sunny side up is pretty, but your right–it’s yolky. :) LOL

  7. Kent Says:

    Chili Loco

    Have you heard of this item now being served at Zippy’s?

    It’s chili on rice topped with eggs.


    Being from Hilo. I take offense to Zippy’s loosely using the loco term for their dish.
    How is this related to a loco moco?

    I think it should be called Chili and rice with eggs.
    I like Zippy’s and eat there often. And I may even try this item, but this is just wrong.

    Your thoughts?

    I was also in Hilo for Thanksgiving and was disappointed that Pizza Hawaii, Hilo lunch Shop, and Kawamoto were all closed through the weekend.

    The malasadas at Tex were kind of a let down too. Not as I remember. A little too airey, not cooked long enough.

  8. James Says:

    Eh Kent! Thanks for posting.

    You know what? When I first seen the commercial on TV, I thought the exactly the same thing! It’s great to know that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

    No respect for the loco moco. They really should just call it chili with rice and eggs… *sigh*

    Sorry about everywhere being closed. Dat’s how hilo is… we love our vacation days. I like Tex’s malasadas, but I really like Leonards on Oahu better. Tex’s tastes more dry and bready, where Leonards is moist and doughy, melt in the mouth kine.

  9. keister Says:

    hey good recipe im making this tonight for my memaw and sister..it looks yummy!

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    [...] gravy from big island grinds [...]

  11. tap Q stop pago pago Says:

    love your site, I need to get some malasadas from Leonards been a long time since.

  12. bfdzklynmh Says:

    Thanks for this site!

  13. Danno Says:

    Found this recipe when Googling loco moco. Man this stuff is the best! My wife and 7yr son love it. We make a few times a month. I would eat it everyday if I had the time to make it. Thanks for posting the recipe and you sure eat well on the islands. Take out up here in Canada is da crap :)

  14. Lora Says:

    I really enjoyed this recipe…almost how my mom used to make it!

  15. Bethany Says:

    I never had the guts to try this when living in Hawaii, however, I watched ‘Have Fork, Will Travel’ on Food Network today..and WOOWEE, did it appeal!! I will have to make it within the week. I think not trying it, was just not knowing what was in it. The name turned me off. Can’t wait!!!

  16. Chiaki Says:

    I too found this recipe when Googling loco moco. It tasted great! Thanks for posting the recipe. You should try the loco moco from Pahu’ia at the Four Seasons…it’s sooo good.

  17. Tom Says:

    Great recipe! Try cheese between the burger and egg!

    Last time we visited Hawaii, I ordered one at the Big Island Steakhouse in Waikoloa, and my wife gave me ‘stink eye’ . . . “wat, you want one heart attack?” I could care less! It was heaven on a plate!!! Just isn’t the same when I try to make ‘em here on the Mainland. Can’t wait to get back and have some more!

  18. Team 42 Medic Says:


  19. lscollison Says:

    I just made this morning, but cheated, using gravy from a jar…

    And folks, don’t be offended by the chili moco; just take it as a sign of the versatility of the dish. My son (who went University Hilo and married one local girl) turns nearly everything into a “dakine moko.” Put stuff on top of sticky rice, pour gravy over and top with egg. He calls the chili one a Colorado Moko.

  20. kid ik Says:

    shootz cuzz deez grindz plenty ono’s i when try um today mahalo’s brah!

  21. Linda Jessen Says:

    I lived on Oahu 1984 – 1990. Went to Barber School near Hotel Street. One block over (I think it was King St.?, not sure) there was a little hole in the wall restaurant (can’t even remember the name – darn it). They served the best Loco Moco. Tried it all over the Island, but none better than that little restaurant. We make it here in Wyoming often. Yum.
    Does anyone out there know which restaurant I mean?

  22. lynn Says:

    why people call steamed rice sticky rice?????

  23. Doug Says:

    We travel to the great island of Kauai every year or so and love the loco moco. I am a chef and I make it all the time here on the mainland but yeah it just isnt the same. We love the Mocos at Seokos Market in Koloa on Kauai. There is this little window next to the markets doors. They make the greatest Loco Moco ever. We have a place at Poipu and make our way down to Koloa for Mocos almost every morning.

  24. Ashley Oandasan Says:

    Thank you guys so much I used to work at the Da Kitchen in Maui and moved to Florida now and I miss the food so much. I have really big craving dreams for this food and i’m so happy to see the recipe here and from big island grinds Thanks Shootz

  25. spunjah Says:

    ho bra wat u tink u can da kine oh wat gimme lilly bit shoyu on dat faka cuz cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee faken ting was meeeeeeeaaaan cuz!!

  26. maggieb Says:

    Hukilau cafe? They make a killer Loco Moco. Saw it on Man vs Food.

  27. Hawaii Eats: Loco Moco — Hawaii Traditions Says:

    [...] don’t have to visit Hawaii to have a loco moco, below is a recipe courtesy of Big Island Grinds: Ingredients for 2 big [...]

  28. wendy Says:

    Linda Jessen…that place you can’t remember is called Rainbows,
    it’s been there since 1961. I’ve only been there twice in the
    last 12 years BUT will never forget it. It’s the bomb-dig!!!

  29. Ron Says:

    Tom – sure wish Waikoloa Steak House is still open :) But the fish place next store is awesome! Island Fish! Yummie – remember the size of the macadamia nut pancakes there? OMG!

  30. Frances Wun Says:

    Sounds yummy. I’m going to try making this dish, may be add a few twists to it. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Shannon Says:

    We’re a food blog in Colorado and I’m a huge Hawaiian food freak. The Colorado version of this would be to use Buffalo burgers and put some Green Chilies in the gravy. I think the Sapnish translation of Loco Moco is Crazy Booger

  32. Lisa Says:

    I visited Oahu in 2008 along with 12 others and I was the only one brave enough to try it! I loved it!! I keep sayin that I want to make it but never do…I’ll have to try it this weekend maybe.

  33. Noor Says:

    omg … I try it for the first time in my life … so yummmmmmi
    all my family liked it =) thnx a lot for the recipe

    greetings from Jordan,

  34. Dionne Baldwin Says:

    Ono grinds! Mahalo for sharing!

  35. Sarah Wright Says:

    I just want to say how impressed I am that people are still posting on here almost four years after the blog entry. That’s almost as cool as the recipe itself.

  36. Sharon Says:

    I googled to find this as well. Honestly, I’m playing Cafe World on Facebook and this is a dish I am cooking up to serve my virtual customers in the game and I just had to know what it is, LOL…. Now I think I’ll have to try making it because it looks and sounds yummy!

  37. Jay Says:

    lol hey sharon im doing the same thing on facebook lol, and i was watching the travel channel one day and they showed this, and man it looks sooooo good

  38. Savannah Says:

    Great recipe! My boyfriend saw this on the tv show “Man v Food” and has wanted to try it ever since! I made it tonight for his 21st birthday and it was a huge hit! Definitely going to be making this again :)

  39. J. Rios Says:

    the bugga was onolicious. Hawaiian fundamentals. Can’t hula without it.

  40. T. Neumann Says:

    Ono!! We now live in Florida and were homesick for some good grinds. We googled loco moco and got your recipe (even though we kinda knew) Made me think of Cafe 100 in Hilo! We havent eaten red meat for awhile, so we made it with a boca burger.. Loco Boca… Yum!

  41. Susan Says:

    Googled Loco Moko – winter here in Melbourne, Australia and I’m lusting for this. Remember it when living on the big island – need a bit of aloha! Mmmmmm

  42. Loco Moco « flavorbliss Says:

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  43. Anonymous Says:

    yummmy i just tried for my lunch…and was awesome

  44. rena Says:

    should we eat it with macaroni salad ?

  45. Abigail Says:

    Was looking for something different for dinner tonight and…. OHHHH MY GOODNESS!!! Addictive was the first word that came to mind my fist bite! Thank you for sharing, rest assured I will be passing this along to many!! Thanks again!!

  46. Billy Says:

    Hey I make my own Malasadas and they are as good if not better than the Portugese version in Hawaii. They are easy to do, I’ll give you my recipe if you want.

  47. Dishido Says:

    eh! Billy, sen me your Malasadas recipe. We been away from da Aina fo long time.


  48. Sunshine Terry Says:

    Is Cronie’s in Hilo still open (haven’t been to Islands since 2006)

  49. teresa and i ma 7 Says:

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  52. April Says:

    Mahalo for posting your recipe! My family will be taking our first (likely last) trip to your wonderful island TOMORROW. Had loco moco using your recipe about a month ago, and again several more times by request! YUMMMMMMM. Can’t wait to eat it “locally” when I go – Big Island first. And if I’m lucky opihi, some great poke, manapua and lau lau.Oh! And some spam masubi – we’ll compare it to that I made here, getting our chops ready for our trip. MAN O MAN am I hungerin’ for Hawai’i!

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  73. Awaha Manaku Says:

    Ono grinds, but you fo’get da mac salad.

  74. kalae Says:

    Excited to try the recipe, check out my recipe for the best Teriyaki Beef I ever tasted. http://www.boisewebmaster.com/recipes/2012/01/15/teri-beef/

  75. Ken Says:

    My wife grew up on Maui, and my dad was stationed at Pearl Harbour in the mid-fifties for 3 1/2 years. Love the Loco Moco at Ken’s in Hilo, but they do it with spam. Went on vacation to Breckenridge Colorado July 2011. There was a restaurant there with Loco Moco on the recipe, but with beef patty. Pretty good. They had spam as a side menu item. I told them about Ken’s in Hilo with spam and suggested they have a choice. Loco Moco is a regular with us at home in Missouri.

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  77. Ezmerelda Says:

    I used to get Loco Moco bowls at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Later, when I found a small deli that served them and when I walked in, the counter person would call out, “Loco Moco bowl, egg-a haaaard!” I like my yolk cooked thoroughly, no gooey runny yellow stuff for me. So despite my “difference” I still love Loco Moco, I just get a little extra gravy!

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  80. mel Says:

    Add “yum-yums”? What does that mean? And do I have make pan gravy or is country gravy okay too? Want to be authentic. Can’t wait to try it! Just saw it on 5-0 and it looked delicious!

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  87. Happy Says:

    P.B’s in Haleiwa has a bomb Loco Moco!! My first time to the island’s. Im addicted!

  88. Tiny Says:

    Going to make this with my Hawaiiana club after school. I miss Hawai’i! Bringing some aloha spirit over here. Hope my club members enjoy this! I know I do!

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  92. Day off diary – A day alone | Rachel Andrea Ko Go Says:

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  93. Don Says:

    Born and raised in Honolulu. Many years later….First time ever tired Loco Moco was a restaurant in Molokai. They use oyster sauce in the gravy. Small restaruant in Bend, Oregon (Old Mill) has pretty good Loco Moco too. And, my wife treats the family to this “now favorite” every once in awhile. Mahalo for your recipe.

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  95. Brandy Says:

    Mmmm so very good! When I lived in Waikilani there was a place right up the hill from my apartment. My husband and I would go the for breakfast lunch and dinner. Lulu’s in Waikiki has great ones too. Just add some hot sauce and cold one while watching the sun set over the beautiful beach. <3

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  97. Briareos Says:

    Has anyone ever tried making this with garlic fried rice?

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  101. Debbie Waskow Says:

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  108. brah Says:

    I made dis concoction for breaky breaky and received haute applause. Yumyums are nothing more than pieces of flotsam from the cooking process.

  109. chris Says:

    Ho, dis kine recipe make me wish I was back on da big island.

  110. bob alou Says:

    thanks for the great recipe. I saw them on the menu when in Hilo but did not try. Made them for my co-workers and they loved them.]

    Greetings from Texas.

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  112. Tony Says:

    Yumyums, I’m assuming, are the little bits that stick to the pan when you fry at high heat. You add a little broth to pick up and incorporate those bits of *flavor*, or what the high-falutin’ would call ‘de-glazing’ the pan.

    Must try this, sounds fab.

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  114. Judd Sweitzer Says:

    I work in Abu Dhabi and after being stationed in Hawaii for a total of 9 years, I woke up this morning craving me some loco moco. Followed the recipe, but added shoyu and oyster sauce to the gravy. Damn it rocked. Thanks! Could never find da kine soulfood here!

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