Wailoa State Park and Two Loco Mocos

Sad news — Loco moco prices are up from $1.90 to $2.50 at Freddy’s Drive-In! No longer can I carry 2 bucks for lunch and still get back change. Yet another sign of the hurting economy. :(

Freddy’s sign $2.50??? Need some shoyu

We decided to picnic at Wailoa State Park, just one block away from Freddy’s. This beautiful park is full of green grass, calm waters, funky bridges, and kids running around with bread feeding all the ducks that hang out here.

Wailoa State ParkWailoa Bridge

There are lots of nice shady places to picnic here, and we found a perfect spot under a big tree, near the ducks!

Loco mocos Loco mocos

Unforunately, the ducks didn’t seem to care for the taste of our loco mocos. :/ But we thought they were pretty good.

Ducks didn’t like the loco mocos

29 Responses to “Wailoa State Park and Two Loco Mocos”

  1. lance Says:

    Wow, was only $1.90 for all that!!!!!! Amazing!!!! Even $2.50 is still amazing. SOLD!!!!!!! It’s so funny the way Feddy’s writes UP on the top of the styraform (sp).

  2. Marvo Says:

    Is there still that Loves Bakery Thrift Shop nearby? I remember that’s where we used to pick up the bread to feed the ducks.

  3. Kirk Says:

    I love it! You’re complaining about a loco under 3 bucks…….

    Nice to have you posting again!

  4. kelly Says:

    So whea da locco wen rank on da Rubio scale brah? Looks like one weell-rounded locco to me…da gravy looks thick, get one big egg, an plenny rice. Whooweee…..i hope you wen wash da buggah down wit fruit punch brah..

  5. kelly Says:

    brah….an how can da SPAM locco cost moa dan da hamburgah locco..?

  6. jodi Says:

    yeah, unless it’s not-meat. Then again…Spam is not-meat, but it still tastes good.
    NICE pictures, I wonder if it’s still squishy down near the water and if there are still water lilies?

  7. x7 Says:



  8. James Says:

    lance, yeah, I thought it was pretty funny too when I saw it :)

    Marvo, yup that Loves is still there!

    Kirk, sorry.. I really shouldn’t complain should I?? :D

    kelly, yeah, I shoulda ranked dis one, but I already reviewed it before (but that was before the loco moco scale!) and yup, we had a fruit punch.

    kelly & jodi… yeah, what’s up with the spam being more expensive? must be some cheap burgers they are using


  9. kuba Says:

    Koodnight!!! 2.50 for loco moco? I would fly all the way home for that, and eat one every hour for 24 hours. Still nice to see that they have places that can sell ono grindz for that cheap.

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  26. Anonymous Says:

    i remember when i was in high school it was only $1.75. One time when I came home from college and forgot how cheap it was, I insisted it was $2.75.
    To me, it’s a toss up between Freddy’s Loco Moco and Cafe 100′s Super Loco. Then again, $5 vs. $2.50. guess who wins.

  27. Kaleonani Says:

    their hot pastrami sandwich is the BOMB too!

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