Breakfast from Farmer’s Market

Hi everyone! James finally found his camera but is still too lazy to update his blog, so this is his wife Bev writing the latest one for you.

Yesterday morning we headed out to the Farmer’s Market, which is becoming part of our weekly routine. The sun was out, the market was packed with people, and we were hungry. So we made our way through the crowd and found our way to a vendor that sells all kinds of musubis and Filipino foods. Choosing what foods to buy was a tough one because everything looked good, but here is what we got…

Breakfast from Farmer’s Market

… spam and egg musubi, teriyaki chicken musubi, and a tray of pancit. The drink we got from a nearby vendor — a fresh lilikoi drink for only $1! And da guy even wen put ice for free!

After our adventures at the market, we took our food back home to eat. First things first on my list of foods to try: the PANCIT! There wasn’t any meat in this pancit but was still really ono. It was mostly veggies and noodles, and oh yah! Kalamansi, which is a small lime that has a tangy and a little sour flavor — squeezing the juices all over the pancit is an essential part of the whole experience.

Farmer’s Market Pancit

Next, was their spam and egg musubi. A very flavorful musubi, I must say. I think the furikake and proportions of the musubi were just right. It was much better than a 7-11 Spam and Egg Deluxe Musubi. I wish I could say the same about the teriyaki chicken musubi, though. There was too much rice and the chicken was kinda dry. Kinda hard to eat, too, since had too much rice. I’ll need a bigger mouth to take one good bite of it!


Finally, to wash down all the yummy foods we ate, we got our lilikoi drink with ice. It was freshly made and very refreshing — matched especially well with the spam and egg musubi.

Fresh Lilikoi Drink

This was a pleasant and fulfilling breakfast from the Farmers Market. I look forward to trying more things from this vendor next time, possibly their Arroz Caldo (rice soup). I heard it’s another popular choice from there.

We just want to thank everyone for all your wishes in the last post. We got wedding pictures up so you can view them at

12 Responses to “Breakfast from Farmer’s Market”

  1. Kirk Says:

    Welcome back James! Such nice wedding photos – mucho congrads again.

  2. lance Says:

    Nice to have both of you back. Looks like you two had a very nice wedding ceremony and reception. Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. Congrads to both of you.

    Glad you found your camera. Where was your camera hidding?

  3. James Says:

    Thanks guys! We both appreciate it. Glad to finally have some time to start posting again. I’ll post the next one, no worries! :P But thanks for posting this one Bev :) Isn’t she sweet??

    Well, I wish we took more photos of the food. With the help of some friends, we made hundreds of lumpia. And a lot of family helped with the cooking… family style parties are the best. We even had a roast pig cooked huli huli style.

  4. Reid Says:


    The two of you make such a handsome couple. Here’s to much love, health and happiness in the years to come!

  5. kelly Says:

    looks ono brah!…i remembah when da farmers market was just getting started in the 90′s brah….nevah had onolishious food like today….back in da day ony had da kine flowers and fresh fruit & veggies……da pancit looks ONO brah!

  6. James Says:

    Reid, thank you for your wishes! We both really appreciate it.

    kelly, yeah, more ready-to-eat food is popping up everytime i go… i gotta bring one camera everytime now.

  7. jodi Says:

    your wedding pictures were beautiful…and glad to see you’re both blogging. I missed it. Best food blog in Hawaii…

  8. reggie Says:

    hey james belated congratulations to you and Bev!! :O) beautiful pix man!! woo hoooo!! but i gotta ask. whea da whole roast lechon baboy pix??!! lol :D May God shower you both with blessings!! :O)


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  11. Neil Says:

    Too small breakfast, whatnaboutbhash brown sun, pan cake, fried rice and omelette , not small bento breakfasr

  12. mua my pham Says:

    Minh lɑ trang 25t .rat vui khi dc lam quen ѵoi cac baan .nik face cua minh lа shyn chun .

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