Opinions on New Loco Moco Scale

So what are your thoughts on the new Loco Moco Scale? I’m still debating whether or not I’ve weighted the items in the loco moco fairly.

Here’s the current breakdown (UPDATED!):

  • Burger: 30% (instead of 35%)
  • Gravy: 30% (instead of 35%)
  • Egg: 20% (instead of 15%)
  • Rice: 20% (instead of 15%)

Adding up to a maximum:


I’ve had one say that the egg should have heavier weight, which sounds fair, but I’m curious of what you all think. Please let me know your thoughts!

16 Responses to “Opinions on New Loco Moco Scale”

  1. kelly (go eat katsu already brah!) Says:

    brah….i tink da percentage scale is all da kine brah….maybe grade each locco from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. i dunno brah…i tink all da components of one good locco is pretty equal. ghotta have good rice, gravy, whateva meat, and da egg foa one ono hilo lunch eh? maybe one moa category for condiments and presentation too brah. I prefer da locco on one plate….some bruddas might like da bowl…. plus…if no moa shoyu, kechup, one good fork, and maybe some hot sauce (tabasco or da kine wit da roostah on da bottle)…how you goin grind properly?

  2. kyle Says:

    I agree with Kelly. All da components are necessary for one awsome loco. Cuz sometimes you get good loco wit something all messed up! Like BB SHOT rice or over cooked egg dat da yolk no run wen you stay mixing up all da stuffs or the burger is junk or da gravy is lousy.

  3. James Says:

    true dat, true dat… one messed up egg or undercooked kine (BB SHOT – LOL) rice can really mess up da whole loco experience, but i still believe that the burger and gravy are more important. i’d prefer to leave condiments out of the picture so that everything is more on an equal level, and presentation for one loco is not too important i think.

    maybe a more important category i could add would be something like “overall taste” since some gravys go better with some burgers and vice versa, but then maybe i making um too complicated?

    howzabout i up the importance of the egg and rice and lower the burger and gravy?

    * Burger: 30%
    * Gravy: 30%
    * Egg: 20%
    * Rice: 20%

    keep the suggestions coming! tanks!

  4. Kirk Says:

    Hi James – Tinkering with the “Rubio scale” again, huh? I’m of the school that all components work together in perfect harmony to create an excellent Loco, and thus should have equal footing…hey, who am I kidding wit dis kine talk! Brah, all stay equal. Anytime wen one part stay weak, da’ whole loco get thrown off.

    Hmmm, overall taste? So are you saying that you could say a loco tastes great, even if da burger is crappy? sounds kinda redundant….

  5. lance Says:

    I thought the burger and gravy were the components that were the most important since there were the things that needed to most work to acheive ultimate flavors, but after reading about your’s and Kirk’s different adventures with microwaved egg or no crispy brown edges on the egg or overcooked egg, plus soggy rice or overcooked dry rice, I agree with Kirk on this one. All equal to make the best loco moco. As a good burger and smooth gravy wouldn’t taste good with soggy/hard rice or overcooked egg. That’s why it’s called a loco moco and not a breakfast plate with rice, eggs and a hambuger patty on the side with your choice of gravy over the burger. Everything blends together as one. Well, of me it’s one, cuz I chop ‘um up and mixed ‘um all together and grind. LOL!!!!

  6. James Says:

    Hrmm, you guys have really got me thinking here!

    Here’s a couple possible situations:

    #1: Fantastic gravy, flame broiled burger, and cooked-jus-right rice, but a crappy microwaved egg

    original scoring: 35/35/1/15, 86% (scoring: burger/gravy/egg/rice)
    equal scoring: 25/25/1/25, 76%

    thoughts: original scoring does seem high since no more da egg yolk for slather over everything, so equal scoring wins on this one at a more reasonable 76%

    #2: Perfect egg, perfect rice, perfect burger, but watery tasteless gravy

    original: 35/1/15/15, 66%
    equal: 25/1/25/25, 76%

    thoughts: now this is where the original scoring wins, because the gravy is like the glue that holds everything together. 76% is really too high for dis one, no? 66% is much more reasonable.

  7. James Says:

    Re: overall taste,

    sometimes the different components of the loco moco work differently together. sometimes the synergy of a good gravy and an average premade burger patty can make the loco taste great.

    for example, itsu’s kim chi burger: the burger was a premade patty which alone, was not that good, but when it mixed with the kim chi and sauce, it tasted fantastic.

    heck, maybe i should just do a simple 5 star rating or 10pt scale (as kelly mentioned) and not break it down so technically.

  8. kelly (go eat katsu already brah!) Says:

    yeah brah…..or maybe 5 categories at 20% each….with da fifth being da “da kine” factor……..one good locco gotta taste da kine eh?

  9. kyle Says:

    I dunno James you probably get da most “experience” since it seems like every other day you grinding loco moco eh? My personal preference for something lacking in a loco moco would be mushy rice but the other 3 gotta be solid!

  10. cheesus christ Says:

    its all Lauras grandpas fault!

  11. Kirk Says:

    So Bruddah James – On my take of Your Rubio scale, I have a category called “stuffs”, this would include a whateva is included, and maybe an “moa” factor – like “dis taste bad apart, but moa betta togetha…” But have to be minus points wen dey give you dinner roll wit da’ loco, okey!!!

  12. kelly Says:

    dinnah roll wit one locco……?

  13. James Says:

    kirk, dinna roll? only on da mainland brah! -10!

    yeah a seperate category might be good ah?

    kyle, yeah i agree, the rice can be a little off and the loco still good.

    cheesus, who you?! and how you know laura?

    i’ve been doing a lot of loco moco thinking, and i might just go with a 5-star (or 5 hamburga patty) scale with half points. whatchu guys figa?

  14. lance Says:

    James, You right!!!! The rice and egg can be a little off and the loco would still taste good, but if either the hambuger and gravy are off, it wouldn’t taste as good. With that thought, your point system works fine. Plus you also breakdown and explain each item which works. Man, after reading this yesterday, I had to have a hamburger last night. No loco moco close by at that time.

  15. kelly Says:

    brah…i still tink da egg is one essential part of da locco brah….juss as equal as one ono burgah, graqvy ann rice….lance, brah, you telling me you get one locco wit BB_shot (lol) rice, and da locco would still be ono….or if da egg no stay runny, would still be ono? i donno brah….i tink one zen locco gotta have evereything in balance brah, and should be equally rated. PLus, as bruddah kirk said, maybe one moa category foa “stuffs”, same as i tink one category foa “da kine”. Da locco, or any plate lunch, gotta have one “da kine” factor foa be ono….or you juss eating one generic plate at panda express in da mall brah…..sheesh brah…all dis locco talk wen make me hungry brah…..i hea some katsu calling my name

  16. reggie Says:

    i agree with all u guys!!! jus make my loco moco a 100% score rating double order k?? :D

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