Mister D’s Ono Steaks Lunch Wagon

I usually see a lunch wagon parked on the side of the highway in the Hilo industrial area during lunch on workdays, and I always tell myself to try one of them one day, but I always put it off.

Mister D’s Ono Steaks

Today there was Mister D’s Ono Steaks. I think I’ve seen some other kinds of lunch wagons here before, too. The two words “Ono Steaks” made my tummy rumble. That was it! I drove off the highway and parked next to the wagon.

A few other people were there, ordering both the regular steak plates and teriyaki steak plates. A girl in front of me ordered a bunch of regular steak plates and a loco moco. He started to fry the egg in a small pan (glad they have a grill this time!), and fry the patty on a flat grill. Now I was torn: loco moco or steak plate? It looked like it was turning into a decent loco moco, too.

Well, I’m glad that their menu was simple.

Mister D’s Ono Steaks Menu

I stuck to the plan and ordered a regular steak plate ($6.50, no tax). Along with the steak plates and loco mocos, they also had “pork tonino”, which I don’t think I’ve ever had. A co-worker tells me that its basically pork bbq with a vinegary-onion sauce. It sounded good.

Soon after ordering I heard a loud searing noise. ~4 minutes later, my plate was ready. That was fast. On the side they have a bunch of condiments and salad dressings for the salad included with the steak.

Mister D’s Ono Steak Plate

A very generous serving of medium-rare steak already cut up, tossed green salad, and two scoops of rice. I wasn’t asked how I wanted the steak cooked, so if you want it cooked differently, make sure to let Mister D know.

The steak was nicely seared, mostly tender & juicy, and seasoned well with a lot of pepper, giving it a nice spicy kick. I’m not sure what kind of cut it was (chuck maybe?), but some parts were a little chewy. Still, for $6.50, this was not a bad deal.

I think I might come back if I have the cravings for a freshly cooked steak again, and next time I’ll be sure to investigate their loco moco!

19 Responses to “Mister D’s Ono Steaks Lunch Wagon”

  1. BIG D Says:

    i woulda went with the loco moco for sure….

  2. lance Says:

    That looks so delicious!!!! Making me hungry. Funny, ever since Times Super Market started their steak day, steak lunch wagons and fund-raising steak shacks been popping up every where and at the same price too. I’m surprised, on the Big Island as well.

  3. Dean Says:

    James , That’s looks like a winnah. Good price too.BTW, where was he parked? Looks like near Lex Brodies or Blaines.

  4. kyle Says:


    Wow! $6.50 for all that, pretty good!! I go to a place near HNL and they don’t give near that much food.

  5. Kirk Says:

    James – That’s really great prices! And $3 for a loco, $5.50 for a double loco. Can’t wait for that post.

  6. kelly Says:

    ono brah….! ono!

  7. jodi Says:

    I found your blog by a whole bunch of cross connections, and THANK YOU! I grew up in Pahoa, and your pictures were the best damned pictures I’ve ever seen in a blog. Man, the quality of your snaps…It made me hungry. (yeah, the haole style language, right? I left Pahoa a long time ago. Thanks again.) (by the way, ever thought of submitting to a food magazine?)

  8. Charles Dela Cruz Says:

    Hey! James, glad you enjoyed the Mr. D’s “ONO STEAKS”. Ironically, the person that made your steak is my dad. If you stop by my house right down the street from Mary Ann’s house, you’ll see the big white lunch wagon…..Haha! Actually he started off with a different menu, and this time he wanted to start on a different project. If you ever need some grinds from the lunch wagon, just let me know whenever I’m in Hilo.

  9. James Says:

    BIG D, I’m hoping to go back and try their loco really soon (maybe today even!)

    lance, cool, i never tried the ones on Oahu. i’ll keep my eyes open next time i fly over!

    Dean, yup he was parked near blanes! just a little more down the road.

    kyle, yeah it was a lot… i hardly could finish it :D

    Kirk, ahhh i’ll probably post the loco on my next post :) how has your loco moco adventures been going?

    kelly, oooooonooo grindz dis one!

    jodi, thanks for stopping by! i’m glad you found my blog… and thanks for the flattering comments. i love pahoa (especially their restaurants)… i really need to post some from pahoa next time. although i’d love to write for a food magazine, i really don’t think i write well enough… writing is always very hard for me. this blog has really helped me improve, though!

    charley!!! man, i had a good feeling this was your dad’s truck… the famous “Mister D’s” gave it away. i remember seeing it in your garage, but it didn’t have steaks at that time. i think his new menu is great. i’ll be trying his loco moco soon! thanks man.

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  11. Howard Says:

    If you have any trouble finding the truck during the week, you can always find it parked at the Makuu farmers’ market north of Pahoa on Sundays. There is a seating area next to it, and a small stage at the end of the seating area which is often used for live musical performances during market hours.

  12. Lisa Says:

    Howard you rock Daddee Ono , cant wait to taste the steak!

  13. uxkrvrkzhv Says:

    Thanks for this site!

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  15. ellie Says:

    I need a lunch wagon…know of any? There’s big development going on/Kauai and I want to get started. Finders fee….call ellie @ 1-808-635-0054

  16. Mike Paahana Says:

    i had 1 lunch wagon b4 an i gotta tell u dis is 1 of da bess

  17. hilogal Says:

    chunks of steak look absolutely yummy! seeing the very thin lines of gristle it
    looks like it might be round steak. can never remember the diff btwn top and bottom. (NO pun intended)

  18. John Chambers Says:

    looking to buy used low mileage lunch wagon.

    John Chambers

  19. Amber Capps Says:

    I’m looking for a lunch truck to come to an event at the Harley shop in kona for labor day and this sounds like the kine local grinds I like there :) How do I get ahold of Mister D??? email me ambercapps808@hotmail.com. Mahalos!!!

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