Mister D’s Loco Moco

After having a great steak plate from Mister D’s lunch-wagon, I had to come back to try their loco moco, so I went out today to go back. It broke my heart to see that there was another lunch-wagon in its place (MJ’s lunch wagon). I knew Mister D’s was out there, somewhere.

I drove around aimlessly around Hilo, trying to find Mister D, until I turned a corner and saw the sign “Lunch? Steak Plates $6.50″!

Lunch? Steak Plates $6.50

I was overjoyed. The lunch wagons must have some kind of rotating schedule, so if you can’t find Mister D’s near Blane’s industrial, make sure to check on the intersection of Kilauea Ave & Puinako St, across from KTA in the lot of the Kai Store.

In the same corner lot, I usually see a Poke Wagon called “Poke To Your Taste” and a stand that sells wonderful fresh sweet corn.

Poke Stop and Sweet Corn Stand

I have yet to try the poke here, but the corn is very delicious!

Here’s the front of Mister D’s Lunch Wagon again.

Mister D’s Ono Steaks Lunch Wagon

I ordered a double loco moco ($5.50) and a steak plate ($6.50) for a co-worker. He started frying my sunny side-up eggs.

Frying my eggs

Here is the double loco moco:

Mister D’s Double Loco Moco Mister D’s loco moco close-up

I’ll use my loco moco rating system again, testing out a new points based system. Maximum points add up to 100, and the burger and gravy have higher weight than the eggs and rice, since I think those are the two most equally important items in a loco moco.

Burger: Pre-made, mushy texture, bland tasting mystery meat which hardly tasted like hamburger (9 out of 35pts)
Gravy: Average tasting regular brown gravy, but a little saltier than normal. There wasn’t enough flavor to balance out the saltiness, though. (20 out of 35pts)
Egg: Good buttery tasting egg, cooked well, but maybe a little too fast. (13 out of 15pts)
Rice: Good rice, cooked just right. (14 out of 15pts)


Sad to say, the burger really brought this one down. I believe that the burger was the same one I had in the loco moco at the County Fair.

Stick with the steak plates here!

8 Responses to “Mister D’s Loco Moco”

  1. jodi Says:

    man, your pictures are killer. You have got to be the Jane and Michael Stern of hawaiian food blogging.

  2. ongchoi Says:

    what a shame to have a pre-made, mushy, bland-tasting mystery meat for a loco moco burger! but anyway, love the pics and the new rating system!! :O) ;)

  3. BIG D Says:

    Yeah sorry bout that bummy patty…. should have just stuck with the steak eh??

  4. Kirk Says:

    Hi James – Too bad, seemed lke the loco potential was fairly high! Like the ever evolving Rubio Scale – so now were going for percentage points! Only 56%, that’s kinda bad.

  5. kelly Says:

    brah…you would tink with all that steak….might as well grind da meat up an make one steak locco eh!… plus…brah…you gotta give da egg moa credit on da rubio scale brah….i tink one properly cooked egg iz da essential part of da locco! Brah… you need to go wash dat locco down with a KATSU PLATE FROM BLAINES BRAH! gotta be from da original blaines too! and den go get some dessert from da ice shave man down at richardsons brah!

  6. lance Says:

    That’s really too bad about the loco moco. I thought after taking so much care and pride in making good steaks, their loco moco would be a winna as well. With a nice grill like that, what a waste. Hopefully “Big D” will have some say in the improvement of the loco moco, as it’s a Hilo thing and so hard to find a good one in Hilo nowadays.

  7. PuaLynn Says:

    Way cool site .. got here via google looking for Miyo phone number for lunch reservations. Now I’m going to explore your archives.

  8. Anonymous Says:

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