Kandi’s Drive Inn

It was another weekend night, and we were hungry at 4:30am. Ken’s, Verna’s, 7-11, or…Kandi’s? Yup, Kandi’s opens at 4am! That was good news because I’ve come here many a time between 8-9am and their fried rice breakfasts were usually sold out. Not happening to me this morning. *grin*

Kandi’s Order Window Kandi’s Drive Inn

Kandi’s serves all the traditional local comfort foods at great prices. There were about 5-7 other people hanging out in the drive inn’s small eating area.

Here’s their breakfast and daily specials menu:

Breakfast menu Daily specials

I asked the lady taking our order, “You guys still get fried rice?” She laughed, and said yes, mentioning that it always gets sold out by 9am.

There are three different fried rice breakfasts: Fried Rice Special ($3.75 – fried rice topped with egg and hot dog), Fried Rice Omelet ($3.50 – fried rice wrapped in eggs w/2 slices of spam), and Fried Rice Hash & Eggs ($3.95 – fried rice, corned beef hash, and topped with an egg).

I ordered the Fried Rice Omelet w/spam.

Fried rice omelet Fried rice omelet closeup

This was so good and is such a great deal at $3.50. The fried rice in this egg omelet had a great texture, firm yet moist, which absorbed lots of the wonderful crunchy bacon and ham goodness. It was a bit oily, but it just made it taste better. I loved how some of the rice grains were burnt crisp just a little, adding to the great flavor. The two slices of spam were thick and cooked gently, which kept them moist and sweet. Serious homestyle comfort food.

My friend ordered a Teri Loco Moco and added a ton of ketchup.

Teri loco moco Teri loco closeup

A teri loco moco is the same as a regular loco moco, with added teri sauce to the burger. I had one bite and it tasted just ok. The teri sauce added a nice sweetness to it, but the burger was thin and didn’t taste that good… might’ve been premade. The gravy was basic, but it had a full flavor and wasn’t watery. Egg was cooked well. I didn’t get to try the mac salad, though. Overall, it was just an average loco moco.

Another friend ordered toast, eggs and hash browns, which I didn’t get to try. He seemed to enjoy it, though.

Toast, eggs, and hash stick

For a cheap and very tasty breakfast, I would highly recommend this place. They also offer lots of plate lunches and bentos. I’ve tried their beef stew and teri beef plate, which were both very good and tasty (sorry, no photos).

Kandi’s Drive Inn
56 W Kawailani Street
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 959-8461

5 Responses to “Kandi’s Drive Inn”

  1. Reid Says:

    Hi James,

    There used to be a place near my office that used to serve fried rice omelets. Sadly, they closed…and the omelets were good too! I’ve never been to Kandi’s Drive In, so thanks for the tip. The breakfasts look so good…and so cheap too!

  2. Kirk Says:

    Hi James – Fried Rice Omeletes, I haven’t had one of those in many years! Prices sounds great as well.

  3. lance Says:

    Their Fried Rice Omelet looks so good. I didn’t realized their breakfast prices were that low. Got to try it next time. My guide before ordering a loco moco is to try the places hambuger sandwiche. If the burger’s good, most likely the loco moco will be good. I tried their hamburger and it was very thin without much flavor as you mentioned. When you get a chance, try their oxtail stew. It’s one of their “certain day” special. It’s very simply made, but sure hits the spot.

  4. Dean Says:

    This place has been a “Waiakea ” side tradition for 30+ years . I can remember as a child ordering the SScombo “suicide like” drink and vanilla cokes. Next time you go there try ordering an SS Combo and see what they say.

  5. James Says:

    Reid, that’s too bad :( When I’m on Oahu, I like either Rocky’s or Elena’s fried rice omelets… so yummy. But if you make it to Hilo and you’re craving a fried rice omelet, try this place!

    Kirk, maybe you should start a restaurant up there. Loco mocos and Fried Rice! :D

    lance, good tip about trying the burgers first! The burger is really one of the major components. I will make sure to try the oxtail here if it’s available when I go next time. Thanks :)

    Dean, haha.. I’m scared to ask… they might just look at me strange… but who knows, next time at 4am, I might have to ask.

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