Itsu’s Fishing Supplies

Itsu’s Fishing Supplies

From the outside, Itsu’s looks like a quaint old house that sells fishing supplies. But upon walking in, especially during lunchtime, it looks and smells more like a take-out restaurant.

The actual fishing supplies are all the way in the back. I just hope Itsu’s keep this “cover” going because they are already very popular among the locals, and the lines don’t need to get any longer! Hrmmm… blogging this won’t help either, huh?

I used to come here a while ago for their ice shave, but I’ve never tried their lunches before. I’ve just kept on hearing about how good they were, so I decided to pay a visit today for some lunch.

Inside you’ll notice two lines: one for shave ice, and one for food. Luckily, the food line wasn’t too long and it was moving fast.

Waiting in line hot plates

Itsu’s offers different local-style daily specials which you choose from the hot plates. They also offer hot dogs, a variety of burgers (including their famous kim chi and gravy burgers), chili, and loco mocos. So many choices and not enough stomach space! I’ll be coming back here to feature more stuff again.

I figured I’ll get a two choice plate ($5.95 tax incl.) with beef stew and mahi mahi.

Itsu’s plate lunch

Now this is how to do a plate lunch! Not only were the portions generous, but the taste was outstanding. This was one of the best plate lunches I’ve ever had!

Here’s a close-up of the beef stew.
beef stew closeup
This beef stew was so tasty and hearty. The gravy was thick and full of flavor, and the meat was very tender, and slightly fatty. The vegetables were perfectly cooked. I often add some shoyu or tabasco to help out the flavor, but this one didn’t need anything at all!

Mahi Mahi close-up…

The two people ahead of me ordered the Mahi Mahi, so that’s why I ordered this. Plus, this is a fishing supply store, so the must do their fish right, right? Well, they sure did. The Mahi Mahi was perfect: lightly fried with nice searing marks and a very moist center. The fish tasted very fresh, was seasoned really well, and came with a mayo/mustard tasting sauce. It was a great combination. The cut was nice and thick too.

Also, the mac salad was really good (full of flavor and just enough mayo). The rice was good too. I wouldn’t have changed a thing! :D

Oh, and here’s a photo of their fishing supplies.

The actual fishing supplies

Well, I really hope to come back here soon to try their other foods, so check back again. Reid, now I know why you come here every time you visit Hilo! :)

Itsu’s Fishing Supplies Inc
810 Piilani St Hilo
(808) 935-8082

39 Responses to “Itsu’s Fishing Supplies”

  1. Reid Says:

    Hi James,

    HA! I was waiting for you to post this! I love Itsu’s! It’s probably one of my favorite places in Hilo. I wish I could have joined you!

    Thanks for the post and Happy Holidays to you!

  2. lance Says:

    Always wondered about that place. Wow!!! More meat than potato and carrot in the beef stew. Some places got more onions than anything else. Amazing. That’s hard to find. Looks like a winna and a must try on my next visit. Oh oh, you just added another person in the line. Sorry James. Good thing I’m only visiting.

  3. Jules Says:

    James, It’s my first time commenting, so first and foremost great blog! I’m always a little homesick after seeing your pictures. I love Itsu”s!! I’m surprised you didn’t try their loco moco. (^-^) Jules (Hilo girl living in the Bay Area)

  4. James Says:

    Make sure to let me know next time you visit Hilo. We should itsu’s!

    lance, yeah, their portions were really generous! There was so much more beef than vegetables… which rarely happens. I think only had one carrot and one potato! LOL. Good stuff. I should’ve noted that in the review.

    Jules, welcome!!! Thank you for visiting and commenting.. it’s so nice to hear from former Hiloans. =) I’ll be sure to try their loco moco next time!

    Merry christmas and happy new year everybody!

  5. Dean Says:

    I remeber as a Kid ,Itsus was the place for shave ice. Did you know that the ORIGINAL location of Itsus was at the corner of Manono and Piilani where Freddie’s is now?

  6. James Says:

    Dean, wow, I neva know dat! They were in that pink house ever since I remember… i must be too young… how long ago was that?

  7. lope Says:

    hi, james…i never knew that itsus sold plate lunches…isnt it funny how people from hilo say ice shave?? i know a guy from hilo who says tomato beef! i used to say that he was “bass-ackward” hehehe….anyways, speaking of freddies, have you tried the sandwiches from manono mini mart (right next door to freddies)? my friends and i used to always go there cause their pastrami sammies are pretty darn good.

  8. Arlene Says:

    Hi James,
    Just got back from Hilo, tried Itsu’s and was very disappointed. There was a line for the food (which I though was a good thing) but the food was overly sweet…maybe they like it that way in Hilo? I had a combo of yakitori chicken it was in a very sweet sauce and also shoyu pork …also very sweet I think they had the same sauce…My mom had the curry which really smelled good but the flavor just wasn’t there…kinda watery. Also the rice was very wet…like mochi…yuk! We should’ve gone to Hilo Lunch Shop across the street instead…food there is much better!

  9. Alaska Joes Fishing Trips Says:

    Great Site!

  10. lance Says:

    Hilo Lunch Shop rocks!!!!! Whole lots of good items to choose from. One of the items I really miss is their spam battered with egg. Must be the poor man’s meat jun. LOL!!!! I think it’s a Hilo thing. Haven’t seen it here in Honolulu all these years. Mentioned it to a delicatessen owner/cook here and he gave me funny looks. Never saw it as one of the items after our conversation. But he has chorizo, yum.

  11. Fishing Equipment Says:

    Interesting thought on that one. I think I heard something similar the other day on another board. I can’t remember where though.

  12. Peter Cabral Says:

    I used to live in this house, from the late 1930′s to 1956 when I joined the AF. My dad lived there till 1965 when he moved to California. I have many good memories about that house, and I am glad it is still standing and being used.
    Peter (Cabral) Rezentes

  13. rob Says:

    I used to have coffee and stuff years ago at their old location,Itsu and Chiono are the best!Looks like I’ll have to visit and grind soon!

  14. Kent Says:

    You know, being from Hilo, I always get harassed on the backward sayings like Ice Shave and Tomato Beef. I even heard Mango Pickle, but I think that is a Kona side thing.
    The wife even chimes in with stuff like “what about Stew Beef” and “Slippa Rubba”
    James, I think you should dedicate a topic to the anomalies around the Islands. e.g. French fries with ketchup and mustard on Maui.

  15. sean Says:

    I used to live down Hinano street from about 1976-86, and remember riding my bike down the street with my $.25 to get ice shave at Itsu’s. Even when I go back there now, the lady asks “eh how yo fodda doing, good?” Itsu’s used to be more down the street, closer to Wailoa Park, I think this is their third location at least since I’ve been alive. Righteous! Eh next time try da hot dogs too.

  16. sumo Says:

    I owe my size to eating at Itsu’s for years of my life. Best Mom and Pop store in business today.

  17. ilhadvmccr Says:

    Thanks for this site!

  18. las vegas Hawaiians Says:

    Itsu’s used to be a great place when the original mom and pop used to run it.This was our favorite spot after the beach for many years growing up.Now that we have moved on and away we went back for some back in the day’s memories and were very dissapointed.Never fail’s the several times we went there all we got was attitude.They act like they no need business.Same thing when a family member from colorado visited the store as well as family members that still reside there.Well all I can say is we won’t be back there to give them business I’d rather go to kawate seed shop they are the bomb.Well anyway thank’s Itsu’s for nothing.

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  21. Verla Tamez Says:

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