Oahu Trip September 2005

I’m sorry I havn’t posted for a while. I’ve just been side-tracked with a lot of things, but I will get back into the groove, no worries!

This past September I visited Oahu, and instead of posting multiple posts (like last time — I still need to finish that series), I’ll just post a more condensed photo-heavy post of my food adventures.

Okay, so I land on Oahu. What’s the first thing to do?

Curry House-u!!!!!1111

To drink, we had Cowpis… err, I mean Calpico… and a squid salad
Cow-piss and Squid Salad

Calpico is a nice sweet and creamy drink which goes great with a spicy curry. Their salads are always great since they have a wonderful dressing.

Beef Curry and Fish Curry
Beef CurryFish Curry

We went to the McCully location this time, and everything was fantastic. I can’t get enough of this curry!

Popeye’s Chicken

This is another must-go place I wish Hilo had. The chicken here is so much better than KFC… and the side dishes (especially the red beans and rice) have so much more spice and soul.

I usually get the chicken, but this time I felt like shrimp, so I got the shrimp po boy.
Popeye’s FriesPopeye’s Poboy

The sandwich was good, but I think I would rather have got the chicken. They do chicken better than they do shrimp, it seems. The cajun fries were crisp and had a nice spicy kick to them.

Genki Sushi

We stopped by Genki Sushi in Waikele for a quick late breakfast before some shopping.

Genki SushiKirin Ichiban!Salmon I think?AhiSpicy TunaShrimp TempuraChicken KaraagePlates

For a fastfood sushi place, the fish at this new Waikele location was actually really fresh and tasty. Service was very attentive, even though there was a line waiting for seats. Highly recommended location!

We skipped dessert so that we could get some ice cream right up the street at…

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Misc. ChocolatesFrozen Cheescake and bananasVanilla Ice CreamChocolate Chip Cookie

There is a big selection of chocolates here, but we felt like ice cream and couldn’t resist a chocolate chip cookie. They also have chocolate-dipped frozen cheesecake and bananas. The ice cream was good, but the cookie, while good, was a little dry.

Picnic on Magic Island

featuring Imari Bento and Curry House take-out

Imari Bento is a nice little bento place near Ala Moana.
Imari BentoMagic Island

Imari Bento’s Bento
Bento!Bento Open!

It’s best to call in your bento order to Imari Bento since it can get quite crowded and parking is limited there. You can order from a list of different items. We ordered a 3-choice bento with chicken karaage, hamburger steak (Japanese style), and crab croquette. The bento comes with rice, all kinds of pickled vegetables, and mac/potato salad.

The chicken karaage was excellent – very crispy and tender/juicy on the inside, which was very tasty. The Japanese style hamburger steak was interesting… something like a meatloaf with a tomato sauce. It tasted really good, but pretty basic. The crab croquette was just ok – it was hard to taste the crab. The rice was not your regular rice… it was short-grained, perfectly cooked, and tasted extra good especially with all the pickled vegetables. The mac salad was also excellent – it had a very smooth, potatoey texture, which I like.

And since we were in the area, we stopped by Curry House in Ala Moana Shopping Center, by my request. :P

Squid Curry Take out

Curry House Take-out = The Best Idea Ever!!!

Boston’s Pizza

Boston’s Pizza

It was almost 10pm and I was hungry, so I stopped by Boston’s Pizza on my way home. It looked like they were about to close, so I made it right in time!

One huge slice (or was it actually two?) of Pepperoni and Olives for $3.00

Boston’s Pizza

The pizza here is not too bad. Though this slice didn’t taste too fresh… I think I got an older one since they were closing up already. But I didn’t complain, I like thin crust pizza and thoroughly enjoyed this slice! It’s hard to give me a pizza I don’t like. Though, I don’t think I’ve been to a real proper pizza place yet… Are there any in Hawaii?

Wailana Coffee House

Wailana Coffee House

Reid from Ono Kine Grindz inspired me to come here for breakfast after reading his review! :D

We came here at about 5am, since Bev worked early that morning and there was hardly anybody in here yet.

Inside Wailana Coffee HouseWailana Coffee House’s Menu

The waitress was very nice and friendly. She was really laid-back and always smiling, which was really nice to see.

I ordered the pancake special (Reid, you made it look really good!) and Bev ordered the loco moco (one of the many reasons why I love her).

Scrambled Eggs and BaconPancakes

The pancake special comes with 2 eggs, your choice of meat, and all you can eat pancakes. :D ~ The eggs were not overcooked and the bacon was tasty. The pancakes were very moist, light, and had a wonderful little crisp on them, making them very yummy! I wished I was hungrier because this one order of pancakes already made me full!

Wailana’s Loco Moco

How was the loco moco? It was not bad, not good either. The burger’s size was impressive and it was homemade, but the quality of the meat was chewy on the inside and lacking flavor. It needed more salt or something. The gravy was a mushroom type of gravy and was pretty good… a little buttery flavor, but could of had a beefier flavor. The egg was good. The mac salad and rice was good too. Overall, though, I don’t think I’d order this.

After breakfast, I wandered around Waikiki waiting for the sunrise…

Waikiki SunriseFishing

Then for lunch!

Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant

We went for a wonderful dim sum lunch at Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant.

Golden Palace Seafood Restauarant

The food here was great and the prices were very cheap (only $1.50 per item).

ShumaiDumplingsScallops in thereMeatballs

We also ordered the House Special noodles.

House Special Noodles

The noodles were tasty, thin and soft, and came with a generous portion of various seafood and veggies.

Cute baby

A cute baby in Chinatown.

Leonard’s Jr. Malasadas

Before I returned back to Hilo, I picked up a dozen and a half of Leonard’s malasadas.
Leonard’s Malasadas1.5 dozen

So good! Light and crispy on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside.

On the plane going back home

On the plane back to Hilo…

30 Responses to “Oahu Trip September 2005”

  1. Dan Says:

    Mmmm, the Wailana Coffee House.
    It’s a great, almost throwback, diner. And it’s a block from our place. I love how you can skirt the line if you want to eat at the counter. And the food will sure fill you up. The eggs, pancakes, bacon, Spam are fine. Omelettes are hit and miss. We have eaten there at lunch once and it was satisfying meat-n-two-veg courses. The service is fast and frantic (owing to the number of tourists who are trying to escape the high cost of dining at the Hilton Hawaii across the street). But if you hit it early, between 0500-0730, it’s fine. Yet, even with a crowd, it’s enjoyable and service is good. They have a lot of practice dealing with crowds! Highly recommended if you’re in the area, due to variety of menu and speed and punctuality of service.

  2. Kirk Says:

    Hoo – Just in one day??? Jus’ kidding! We have a Popeye’s close by, and it’s one of my guilty pleasures…..but recently the chicken pieces have gotten smaller, still tastes great though!

  3. Bev Says:

    oh, love~~~ what a wonderful and memorable flog!!~~~ SHIFT ONE

  4. Bev Says:

    oh.. and I wanted to add that I wouldn’t order the loco moco from Wailana Coffee House again, either. (^_^) … and the karaage chicken from Imari Bento is the popular choice there. :O) ;) mmmm… Imari bento and Curry House take-out — what a perfect combination!

  5. alan Says:

    Those Boston pizza “slices” are each like a quarter of a large pie! Quite a bargain. I usually can’t finish, and end up taking part home, clumsily folded in those cheap paper plates they use.

    You picked great spots during your visit, including my favorite for dim sum, Golden Palace.

  6. James Says:

    Dan, I’m glad I hit the place early… it was a really nice experience. Thanks for all the info!

    Kirk, lol… it was actually over about 5 days. You’re soo lucky to live near a Popeyes! Is it the one near Kalihi side? The one I went was the new one in Waipahu. :D

    Bev, :) i went to see you, not curry house.. of course! and yes, what a perfect combination!!!shiftone!

    alan, they were like a quarter of a big pie! is that normal? i wasn’t sure if they gave me more just because they were closing. Yeah, golden palace was amazing.. the dim sum was so moist and flavorful. i’m not much of a dim sum expert, so since it’s your favorite dim sum place, i’m glad it confirms my tastebuds. :)

  7. Reid Says:

    Hi James,

    I’m glad you had a good time eating while you were here! Was there anything else that you did? =P

    Alan is right about the pizza at Boston’s. You will usually get two slices for the price of one. My favorite is usually the tomato with garlic and basil. I can usually eat 2/3s of the slice so I will usually share.

    How did the malasadas do on the plane ride home?

    BTW…I was planning to visit Hilo on 10/22 and 10/23, but will be going to Kona instead. Any recommendations? It’s been a long time since I’ve been to that part of your island.

  8. Kirk Says:

    Hi James – “You’re soo lucky to live near a Popeyes! Is it the one near Kalihi side?” That’s really funny! The one I go to is on Aero Drive, off the 15 Freeway in San Diego! LOL!

  9. James Says:

    lol, sorry kirk! my brain must’ve got misplaced somehow!

  10. James Says:


    My trips usually revolve around food… lol! The malasadas just don’t taste the same if they’re not freshly hot from the fryer! Everybody said they were good, but it didn’t taste the same… but still the box was gone by the end of the work day, so it must’ve been ok.

    Aww.. you’ll be going to Kona? I dont’ know Kona side well at all. :( One place I go to almost everytime I drive out there, though, is Kona Brewing Company. I go there mainly for the beer… they have this wonderful seasonal brew (not sure if it’s in season now) called Coffee Stout or something with like that. It’s worth the drive just for that. Their pizzas are not bad either. Sorry I don’t know any other places!

  11. monika Says:

    tex’s has great malasadas! and they make a mean bacon, egg, and lettuce sandwich…old school, between two pieces of white bread, mayonnaise…but must be made with lots’o'love cause it’s sooooooo good! and there’s a yummy breakfast place in kamuela but i forget the name of it.

  12. lance Says:

    Wow, silences for awhile and all of a sudden all these places. Great review and photos. Could you tell me what land area the aerial shot is of? I can’t figure it out. Which island?

    Talking about malasadas. Have you tried the little bakery in Papaikou that’s occupying the old Honda Garage? Curious if I hit a good day or if this place is regularly good. It’s right off the highway, mauka, across a family store at one of the main intersections. Sorry I don’t know the name of the place. I ordered four and the guy told me, “ok, I’ll give you a deal”. I thought, “ok, here comes the sales pitch”. Probably if I buy five, he’ll give me one for free. He said, “If you pay for four, I’ll give you eight”. Figure that one out……. I paid for four and in my package there were eight. He said at the end of the day, he usually gives extra. They have apple and lilikoi malasadas too. My friend tore the lilikoi malasadas in half and there was a lot of lilikoi in the middle. He said it was a little tart, but tasty. I eat the plain and it was good. Good texture. My mom said, “no one can beat Tex’s”. Well, she eat her words that day. BTW, they have other pastries and bread (if I remember corrretly) as well.

  13. monika Says:

    lance, is the bakery you’re talking about across from a pink store with a pig on it? for some reason that store is popping up in my mind…

  14. James Says:

    monika, i really want to feature tex’s sometime soon on here! they’re malasadas are good, but it’s a different style that leonards… not as light and less greasy :P i’ll remember to try their sandwich you mentioned too!

    lance, i don’t know what island that is! all i remember is waking up on the plane, seeing the island on the right side, i took the picture then went back to sleep… it must’ve been about 25 minutes in the flight or so..

    I think I know the place you’re talking about… right across Pinky’s (the pink store monika mentioned). I never tried that place. That was so cool of the guy giving you free malasadas. If they are better than Tex’s, they must be darn good. I’m actually planning to check that place out this weekend because of your post! Thanks.

  15. lance Says:

    Monika and James,

    Yep, that’s the one, Pinky’s!!!! Thanks for confirming!!! I thought that was the name and it was pink in color, but wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination. He’s closed on Sunday. Found that out cuz I wanted to bring some back with me. Hope you folk enjoy it so you don’t have to drive all the way to Tex’s to feed those malasadas cravings. It’s not like Leonard’s style though, it’s more like Tex’s style. Hear there’s also another place up Kaumana Drive just before Kaumana Cave that has malasadas as well. It’s that small green colored store right next to the road. Hear they have portuguese bean soup as well.

  16. monika Says:

    ya know, i never really cared for the malasadas from leonards, or from punahou carnival, for that matter. but cocoa puffs from liliha bakery?….mmmmmmmmmm….

  17. Pat Says:

    We ate at the Wailana Coffee House several times in September of 2006. They serve the most delicious Macadamia Cream Pie. I wish that I could have brought a pie back to Florida with me.

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  19. Roy K Says:

    I visited Tex’s when I last visited Big Island last November. Had those square malasadas. Great ! Those burgers were great also.

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