7-Eleven Hawaii

It was another rainy morning in Hilo and I had a load of laundry which needed to be dried. Since we no more dryer, I went to the nearby laundromat conveniently located next to 7-11.

7-11 Hawaii

Even though it was crowded, I was greeted with a friendly hello. The workers here are almost always very nice. I walked around deciding what to get, finally stopping in front of the musibis and dim sum steamer.

I picked up a Deluxe Spam Musibi ($1.45).

Deluxe Spam Musibi

Deluxe Spam Musibi

Deluxe Spam Musibi Closeup

I also got 2 pork hash for a dollar.

2 Pork hash

Pork Hash Inside

I ate happily while waiting for my clothes to dry. It was good!

7-Eleven Hawaii Inc – Hilo
895 Kinoole Street, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 961-6446

18 Responses to “7-Eleven Hawaii”

  1. Kirk Says:

    Looks like one good breakfast musubi, if you ask me! Pork Hash at the 7-11, that’s a new one for me…

  2. Bev Says:

    YUMMM!!! Spam musubi with egg, jus enough rice, and even furikake on the rice!! Now das one winna right dere! I dun think can fit in my mouth though. *worried face*

  3. kelly Says:

    whooowee brah! da buggah looks ono! WINNAS! an how can you beat spam and pork hash brah? dat looks like da 7-11 by st joe eh?

  4. Mikey Says:

    stop! you’re making me so hungry. I love the 7-11 spam musubi. Have you had the 7-11 karaage chicken? It’s the best.

  5. Reid Says:

    Hi James,

    I haven’t been inside a 7-11 in years. Didn’t know I was missing all of this. Interesting….

  6. James Says:

    Thanks for the comments :)

    Yup dats da 7-11 next to st. joe. 7-11′s musibi is pretty good… they get lots of other local kine grinds too! and they are often coming up with new stuff. really convenient place for quick grinds.

    i go 7-11 a lot for breakfast… one of my favorites is the longanisa snack pack. pretty good deal! mikey, their karaage chicken is pretty good too. :D

  7. Roy Says:

    I love the old fashion tye musubi (triangular shape) with either tuna or ume.

  8. Dan Says:

    I asked the cashier to sell me a pack of cigarettes tonight and she refused to sell them to me because I did not have my ID. I am 42 years old, the law states that I have to be carded only if I am under 30 years old. I was a good customer of 7-11 of three years, but refuse to go there anymore. I will not be hassled over buying something that I am clearly of legal age to purchase. I will have to walk 40 minutes now to purchase my cigarettes at Wal-Mart. This was no way to treat someone who spends money in your store EVERYDAY. Cigarettes are a big selling item for you guys, you should not be chasing us away.

  9. Roy K. Says:

    I was told that a new 7-eleven is opeing up by Hara store. I could be wrong on location. Any comments?

  10. Malia Says:

    OH my god…..

    I’m a Hawaii girl living in Maine, and there is nothing I miss more than getting a giant Slurpee, Manapua, and 2 pork hash from Sevs…

    Needless to say, New England 7-11′s are sorely lacking in the Spam Musubi department….

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  12. Auntie Linda Says:

    I love spam musubi, manapua and pork hash from 7-11! Brought it in for the office one day; heard comments like, “Oh, this is really good manapua, etc.” When I told them I got it at 7-11, you should have seen the disbelief and shock. Coz you know dey only eat da kine manapua from da restaurant dat stay on top one list dey wen read about! High maka-makas!

  13. dating advice for men Says:

    Hey, I love the way that kaka plays…..

  14. greencard Says:

    These are not surprising my anymore, but thanks..

  15. Billy Bons Says:

    Hi James. Unusual post )).
    I have never tried the mitsubi, from which food it is prepared? I understand that authentic Hawaiian food.

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  18. rick Says:

    Can u ship me some

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