Naung Mai Thai Kitchen Take-Out

Take-out lunch from my favorite Thai place in Hilo. :) I’ll save the review for a sit-down opportunity hopefully soon, with more pics and details.

Pad Thai and Red Curry Chicken

Pad Thai and Red Curry Chicken with jasmine rice. Under 6 bucks. A+

Naung Mai Thai Kitchen
86 Kilauea Avenue, Hilo, HI 96720
Phone: (808) 934-7540

5 Responses to “Naung Mai Thai Kitchen Take-Out”

  1. kely Says:

    maybe its me brah….but growing up in Hilo….i nevah remebah eating a single ounce of Thai food, or any da kine Thai restaraunts fo’ go. But dat was in da 80′s an 90′s brah….maybe stay different today. I guess I wen stick wit da essentials….katsu, teri plate, hawaiian plate, kalbi, or one locco brah… no foget da fried rice brah! Da bess fried rice was at Hilo lanes brah…no joke! Nuttin bettah than fried rice and bowling brah! You gotta go check um out! Dey wen give CHOK!

  2. Reggie Says:

    whea da sticky rice??!! hehehe gotta dip da sticky rice into da curry!! looks ok though but i like my thai curries separated from da pad thai so no mix up da flavahs eh… hehehe :)

  3. James Says:

    kely, yeah, get some good thai places popping up. i think they are relatively new. get one new vegetarian one too which i heard was good that just opened. i not really into vegetarian foods, but i should try um.

    Reggie, i love sticky rice too! usually i only get um when i sit down.. i like it seperate too.. but for a quick lunch, this was great. i going come back here wit da sticky rice! :D

  4. Lilly Says:

    I just went here last week after shopping at the farmer’s market. This place ROCKS! The food (esp. the veggies) are so fresh and perfectly prepared. It’s a GREAT lunch bargain as well. Around $6 for 1-3 choices. Good Eating! Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

  5. Robin Scanlon Says:

    We’re working on moving up to Volcano and love Hilo as our “big city.”

    When you go to Naung Mai, please try the Rama Thai tofu. They make it with other meat, but the tofu is definitely the best.

    Love this spot!

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