It was a beautiful day in Hilo and my friend suggested we go to Miyo’s for lunch. I’ve only been to Miyo’s once years ago, and I remembered how nice it was there, so I was happy to go.

Miyo’s sits on the second story of a small building right next to Wailoa Pond.

Miyo’s outside

The view is beautiful, making for a very peaceful and relaxing dining experience.

Looking out to Wailoa Pond

Inside the restaurant is a very Japanese, homey, quaint atmosphere. Big opened Japanese style doors line the wall, leaving the room feel open. The kitchen is also in plain view, adding to the Japanese homey feel.

Miyo’s kitchen

There was a good amount of people for the time we went, considering it was well before noon. I noticed a lot of reservation signs on the tables, so reservations would probably be a good idea if you plan to go during prime-times, considering the small size of the restaurant. All of the window seats were taken, so we sat nearer the middle.

Within a couple minutes, we were served water, tsukemono, and miso soup. Service was very nice.

Wonderful miso soup!

I have to say that the miso soup was amazing! It was definitely the best miso soup I’ve had in recent memory. The broth was perfect, full of flavor and not too salty, with beautiful pieces of tofu and seaweed… very fresh and mouth-watering. The tsukemono was refreshing too. Great start. I was happy.

Looking over the menu there was a lot of reasonably priced (~$6-$9 a plate) homestyle Japanese food like tempura, teriyaki, sashimi, udon, curries, fresh fish, sukiyaki, various donburi dishes, sesame chicken (lots of people were ordering this), vegetarian dishes, and others. It was so hard to choose. I ended up ordering the beef curry. *sigh* I know, I’m sorry. Only after I’ve ordered did I remember that I just wrote about beef curry in my last entry! I just had a beef curry craving again, ok? No worry though! My friend ordered the sesame chicken and tempura, which I have also tried.

A green salad came with the beef curry.

Green Salad

All the vegetables were crisp, fresh, and organic tasting. The tomato was plump and sweet. The dressing was a great tasting homemade oil and vinegar dressing.

The beef curry came shortly after.

Miyo’s Beef Curry

This has got to be one of the most healthy beef curries I’ve seen. :D There was lots of broccoli, carrots, eggplant, and mushrooms along with the beef. So how did it taste? The curry sauce was good. It had a good flavor and it had a good heat/spiciness to it. It wasn’t as rich as Curry House’s curry, but it was still satisfying, especially with all the vegetables. The rice was good and the pickled radishes were nice, sweet and tangy. It tasted healthy, which is a good thing I guess, but I will probably not order it next time.

Then came the Sesame Chicken & Tempura combo.

Sesame Chicken & Tempura

Now this looked really good! The sesame chicken and tempura (shrimp and vegetables) was served over fresh greens (similar to my salad) and served with rice and tempura sauce. I managed to steal a good piece of the sesame chicken. The sesame chicken was crisp deep-fried boneless chicken with a sweet, thick, and rich sesame sauce. It was hard to tell what was in the sauce, but it was very good. I think this is one of their more popular dishes since I’ve seen other tables around with the same chicken. I also stole a bit of tempura. The tempura and the sauce was excellent, although the sweet potato tempura was a little undercooked. Otherwise, it was very yummy.

Miyo’s was a great experience and I don’t know why I haven’t come back here for a long time. Along with the great atmosphere, attention to freshness, and healthy food choices, Miyo’s is a great place to go. I will most likely be returning here more regularly.

400 Hualani Street
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
Tel: (808) 935-2273

12 Responses to “Miyo’s”

  1. Reggie Says:

    hi james,

    the curry stew plate looks like a combo of beef broccoli and beef tomato! hehehe looks like something i would make and confuse everybody! :D too bad no moa such thing as aromavision… would be nice to smell those dishes!! hehehe :) everything looks good!!

  2. kely Says:

    I wonda if dey make curry spam? Brah…spam tempura would be ono too!

  3. James Says:

    yeah reggie, does look like beef tomato/broccoli! was good though. i was just reading your salted egg blog. i never thought of doing that at home… i might try it. you make it look pretty easy and ono!

    lol.. kely.. SPAM RULES!!! no worries, what kind of hawaii food blog nomore spam?? soon brah! i no think miyo’s had spam anything though… they have like more healthy kine stuff.

  4. Reid Says:


    Speaking of spam tempura, did you know that at Sumo Curry you can get spam katsu? It’s almost the same as spam tempura.

    By the way, if the curry here was not as rich as the curry at Curry House, then it probably is healthier. Curry normally begins life as a roux (oil/butter and flour mixture), this one probably didn’t use as much of it.

  5. James Says:

    Reid, I gotta try Sumo curry one day. Did you review that place? I’ll go search your site for it. :D

    Ah.. yeah it probably had a lot less fat than Curry House. Mo butta mo betta! I miss curry house.

  6. joel Says:

    that miso looks so good right now. cute little restaurant. reminds me of indo a bit. i miss it terribly.

  7. monika Says:

    this was my all time FAVORITE restaurant when i lived in hilo. they serve really good homemade green tea ice cream, from Hilo Homemade Ice Cream down in Keaukaha (actually, i’m not sure that it’s still there, but it was there 8 years ago.)

  8. James Says:

    monika, Hilo Homemade Ice Cream is still down there in Keaukaha! That’s my favorite ice cream place here. I love their ginger ice cream… so refreshing!

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  10. Kawika Says:

    I went to Miyo’s a few months ago, thought it was a bit broke dick. But, later through my meal a few friends of mine spotted a mouse in the pantry. He was crawling all over the food, and when we mentioned it to the person in charge; she just shut the door.

    Ehh, very unsanitary.

  11. Roy K. Says:

    I finally got to eat at Miyo’s on this trip to Hilo. It didn’t live up to my expectations. My teri beef was “kinda” tasteless. Daughter’s sesame chicken domburi was “so-so”, but my wife liked the grilled miso tofu.

  12. Sun Says:

    This is one of the best restaurants in Hilo. Be ready to dine with a crowd since they are always busy but service is still great. Food is always fresh and delicious and they let you bring in your alcohol. Get ready for a wonderful meal!!

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