Curry House CoCo Ichibanya (Oahu, July ’05)

Oahu Food Adventures, July 2005 (part 1of 5)

This is part one of a 5-part post from my recent visit to Oahu. I’ll try to disperse the following places along with Big Island places over the next few weeks: Angelo Pietro, Kaka`ako Kitchen, Elena’s, Yotteko-ya (thanks for the recommendation reid!), and Popeye’s.

Visiting Oahu makes me feel like a child in a candy store, except now, I feel like a guy with so many great food choices, I don’t know what to do! I’m originally from Oahu, and every time I go back, so many fond memories come back to me.

Curry House is a successful franchise originating from Japan and I just *have to* eat here every time I go to Oahu. I hear they have hundreds of them in Japan! Oahu is lucky to have 5 locations: Waikiki, University Ave, Ala Moana, Pearl Kai Shopping Center, and McCully Shopping Center. Most of the time, they are consistent in quality and taste.

We went to the Pearl Kai Shopping Center one this time. The people are really nice here and the food is always good at this location.

Pearl Kai Curry House outside

It was really crowded! We had to wait a few minutes before getting a seat. While waiting, there were a lot of take-out orders being picked up.

Take out orders at Curry House

We then ended up sitting at the bar, which is a good thing since we get a free entertainment show. Watching them pour the curry over fresh hot rice and meats is so exciting!

Curry House Kitchen

There are so many different kinds of items to choose to go with your curry! They use the same curry sauce (spicy or mild) for all the dishes, but the variations are endless when you mix it with the different items on the menu. You can choose how much rice you want and if you want spicy or mild curry.

Menu Front Cover

Curry House Menu

I ordered the beef curry (my fav), a side of cream corn croquette (a new item), and we also shared a side salad. Click on the menu above to see a sample of the different kinds of curries!

Beef Curry

The beef curry was so good. Curry House’s curry is a Japanese style curry. It’s very smooth, rich, thick, spicy, and a little sweet. The beef pieces are so tender, too. Also, I love the beef curry because they stew the beef with the curry, and the beef flavor permeates all of the curry, making it so rich and flavorful.

Cream Corn Croquette

The cream corn croquette tasted like cream corn made into a hash, then breaded and deep fried. It was a bit sweet and went very well with the spicy beef curry. Very yummy!

Green Salad

The salad was really good too. What makes this salad is their great tasting shoyu-based dressing and the corn.

Chicken Cutlet with Spinach

Bev ordered Chicken Cutlet with Spinach Curry!

This was quite tasty as well. The chicken was nice and crispy and the spinach tasting really fresh and not overcooked. I’m so proud of Bev since she graduated to spicy curry, which tastes so much better than the mild! ;)


All set to eat? Don’t forget the pickled vegetables called Fukujinzuke, I think. It’s great sprinkled over the curry.

I’d love to know what other people like to order at Curry House. And If you haven’t eaten here yet, you must!

Curry House Coco Ichibanya
98-199 Kamehameha Hwy in the Pearl Kai Shopping Center
Aiea, Hawaii 96701

56 Responses to “Curry House CoCo Ichibanya (Oahu, July ’05)”

  1. Reid Says:

    Hi James,

    I have to tell you that I don’t visit the McCully location anymore even though I live close by. You’re right about the location at Pearl Kai. The staff there is so pleasant that it makes the drive worth it. In fact, I’m here at least once a week! Lately, instead of the curry rice, I’ve been eating the udon. It’s so yummy!

  2. James Says:

    Hey Reid! Thanks for visiting again. Yeah, the people at Pearl Kai are really friendly. They always say Irashaimase!!!! no matter how busy they are. I always find that amusing.

    MMmm.. the curry udon is so good too! I only eat it sometimes even though it’s good. I guess I need rice with curry.

  3. Reggie Says:

    whoa James das ono looking pics!! the mccully branch is where i took the curry challenge back in the late 90′s. i finished my plate in about 15 minutes. boy was i full!! lol :D my friends were cheering me on and LOL. all i was thinking while stuffing my face was…”im not going to pay for this!” I love japanese curry especially when i make it at home with the curry roux bars they sell made by S&B that can be found at the oriental section at Safeway or other market chains. as for the pearl kai bramch been there a few times with coworkers but the curry challenge was already discontinued. :( hehehe :) great service ono curry!! hmmm i gotta try curry udon too…

  4. James Says:

    Ahh..Reggie… 15 minutes and pau? Wow! Congratulations!

    I was so sad when they discontinued the curry challenge. I always wanted to try. :( I dunno if I could’ve made it, though. Yeah.. the s&b one is not bad too.. but still not the same. I really wonder how curry house makes theirs. One of those burning questions throughout the rest of my life, probably. Thanks for visiting. :)

  5. Reggie Says:

    a few episodes of Soko Ga Shiritai had some revealing curry restaurant secrets i recall. and they did theirs all from scratch and slow cooking. plenty love and patience in the process guaranz! :)
    15 mins and was hot steamy and spicy! i requested lots of cheese to cool the spicyness down a bit. it really worked! :)

  6. James Says:

    Thanks for the tips! You and Reid are so lucky to be on Oahu. *grumbles*

  7. Lisa Says:

    James, I have a HUGE favor to ask. Since you have a few of the CoCo’s in your area, I was wondering if you could find out the nutritional value on their most popular menu items. I live here in Japan and there is a language barrier that cannot be overcome unless one is just “ordering from a menu”. I ask for the nutritional value because since being here in Okinawa, I’ve eaten a few too many times at our CoCo’s…it’s addictive! Anyway, my friends and I are watching our diets via Weight Watcher’s online (since they dont’ have WW here). We need information as to Fat, Calories and Fiber per serving.

    If you can help us out, or point us in the right direction…I would GREATLY appreciate it!

    Lisa in Okinawa

  8. James Says:

    Lisa, there are no Curry House’s on the Island that I’m on. :( I only get to go when I visit Oahu. I will see if there is nutritional info available on my next visit, but what might help right now might be their website. It’s Japanese, but I put the webpage into babelfish and it’s somewhat useful :) Click here to see!

  9. Mikey Says:

    This is one of my favorite places to eat when I visit Oahu. Absolutely, wonderful curry. I happened to find your site because I was looking for new places to try on the Big Island when I visit in October. I can’t wait to try some of your recommendations.

  10. Big Island Grinds » Blog Archive » Kaka`ako Kitchen Says:

    [...] This is part one of a 5-part post from my recent visit to Oahu in July featuring the following places: Curry House, Angelo Pietro, Kaka`ako Kitchen, Elena’s, Yotteko-ya, and Popeye’s. [...]

  11. steven rosenberg Says:

    Hi there, I love coco’s i have gotten pretty good at making my own curry, i find shake and bake chicken is pretty good, reg rice, i put mushrooms and cheese in mine, but what the hell is the spice they use to make it hotter????????? I am used to level 7 i got it at least 3 times a week at kadena ab japan. please tell me what they use i think it is a paste of some kind but i need a kick., pls help

  12. Janeen Says:

    Love curry and never thought that I would ever find a food establishment where I can eat Katsu Curry, and I must say that it is the best!

  13. Emily in Japan Says:

    Holy crap! I never knew that there was a Coco Ichibanya in the states! My hubby and I have been living in Japan for over a year and there is a CocoIchi right across the street from us. It is both a blessing and a curse–in fact right now I have a major hankering for some sausage curry and I know they are open until midnight….now I just have to find some yen. I have to admit that I am a wuss–I started at a level 2 and now always get the mild. The hubster tried the challenge here a few years ago before it was discontinued, and sadly he did not beat it. But he sure got some really deep bows from the Japanese for trying!

    Long live CocoIchi!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jennifer Says:

    I was stationed at Kadena AB in Okinawa three years ago and loved to eat at CoCo. I am still desperately craving coco curry! I live in NY now and was wondering if anyone knows if you can order the sauce or if there is a similar recipe out there? I checked the website but I don’t think they ship overseas. Maybe someday I’ll get to Hawaii!! But for now if anyone can help me it would be awesome and i would be in your debt! :) Thanks

  15. Nick Says:


    Loved CoCo’s Ichibanya while stationed in Okinawa, although many of my local co-workers said that it’s “fast-food” and not comparable to home cooking…but I digress.
    The closest you can get to making CoCo’s at home is by using S&B curry (comes in blocks that look like chocolate). I melt one whole block in 2.5 to 3 cups of water, add cooked (to a crisp) bacon, a touch of brown sugar, and simmer for 10 minutes. Add more water as desired, because the curry tends to thicken. If you’re adventurous enough, add a dash of Sriracha Thai chili sauce for that added kick. My kids awear by it! E-mail me at for a detailed recipe!

  16. Jon Says:

    I am wondering if there is anyway to order the curry from the locations in Hawaii? I make my own version of coco’s curry but its just not the same as the stuff we got on the Rock.

  17. caitlin Says:

    I am a big fan of cocos and I haven’t had the taste in over two years now. I would like to know who to get in contact with to start a chain in the states. I currently live in Florida and i know alot of people who would love to have some. Please contact me or get me the information. I wuold really appriciate it.

  18. Mitzy Says:

    Hi, I’m a big fan of Ichibanya Coco Curry. Does anyone know the contact information for Coco Curry to start a chain in Indonesia? I checked out their website but everything is in Japanese.

    Pls help! Thank you much.

  19. Jolly Bandit Says:

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  20. Mark B Says:

    How I add this article to Netscape Bookmark?

  21. Josh Says:

    I am just like the rest of you searching for a curry recipe that will tame my craving. Does anyone have an idea on how to make this stuff?

  22. Joseph Broswick Says:

    I was stationed in Okinawa Japan for 6 yrs. And I tell you I miss CoCo’s so much. I wish there was a way to order their gift boxes that I use to see for sale. But their website is written in Japanese.

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  24. JC Says:

    I was at Okinawa too…and how different the food is in Oahu then in Japan. Yea the chicken cutlet is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe one day they will open one here in Sacramento HAA that’ll be the day someone would make alot of money!

  25. Phil Herin Says:

    I was stationed on Oki for 9 years (Kadena). I think I must have spent a fourth of my paycheck every month at CoCos!! LOL That was the best! Yep Chicken cutlet, 300grams of rice, level 2!! WOOHOO!! I really miss it. I have friends that send me the gift packs on occasion. But since I run out of it too quickly, I looked for a substitue. I can honestly say that the S&B Golden Curry (medium-hot) is the closest to CoCos as you are going to find. It tastes similar and takes care of the CoCos craving! You can find it in most grocery stores in the oriental food section. Hope this helps everyone! Enjoy!

  26. James Says:

    Fried Chicken curry, Spicy 8, 9, and 10. I NEED IT and I am no longer in Oki. bummer.

  27. Ling Says:

    I saw there are couple people asking about how to start a chain of Coco Curry. I’m also interested in making one but Mitzy was right, the website is all in Japanese. If anyone know the answer, please contact and inform me. Thanks!!!

  28. Chris Says:

    I am always thinking about coco’s ever since I left Oki. The one in Ishikawa was the best. I almost want to start one here in Portland OR, Everyone here talking about it doesnt help me any. I need my fix

  29. Midori Says:

    Miss CoCo’s soooo much, used to eat it at least 3 times a week! Was checking where to find it with no luck, then I saw a person had it for sale on E-Bay!! the real thing.. CoCo’s curry mix

  30. John Says:

    Could I get franchise informaton of Curry House in details.
    Please just give me an idea for the location, initial investment to be required, a sort of procedure, an so forth.
    Tks/ Best Regards

  31. Bobby Says:

    Jennifer, there is Coco Curry sauce for sale on eBay. Hope this helps.


  32. Chris Covington Says:

    How do I get to a website to buy coco’s curry

  33. Ruthie B. Says:

    I talked to a few friends, and I know for a fact they sell the curry sauce in the restaurant. I guess your best bet is to either have a friend send it you or convice them to sell it on ebay. I’ve looked it up on ebay and had no luck. I too love it so much. I remember when I moved back to the states how much I craved it. Now, I can’t take it. So, I’m trying to find it online to buy it. If any of you have any luck PLEASE let me know.

  34. Shala Parrish Says:

    I just went to Japan in July and ate at A CoCo’s there. I now am on a hunt on how to buy CoCo’s curry. They had it in packages and I almost bought them then, but I thought just order online when I get back to the states! But I am having no luck. Hopefully you can help me!

  35. dating advice for men Says:

    I think that KaKA is the best player in the world

  36. bryan hall Says:

    I could live on this stuff. I am SO pleased to see one in the states. Does anyone know how I could get some shipped to the lower 48?

  37. kelly arbelo Says:

    Well i have ate at the coco’s in japan and they do have a lot of them there. i know that in japan they sold the curry prepackaged at the resturant but i dont know if they do that in the one in hawaii. but i always ate eggplant curry with corn added level 6, man i loved it so much.

  38. Lauren Says:

    oh my god. COCOS!!!!!!!!!!! I just got home from Okinawa after visiting my boyfriend who is a Marine there. Coco’s was the best meal of the trip. I was there for 2 weeks and we ate there about every other day. I always got level 4 light crispy chicken, spinach, and cheese. spectacular. I am going back in June and it WILL be my first meal after I get off the plane.

  39. J Says:

    There are a couple of CoCo curry dishes (nutrition facts) on

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Haha, it seems Cocos is an AF tradition. I guess I can see if I can pick up a whole box next time I’m outside the gate.

  41. Joey Says:

    I leave mainland Japan in 6 months and soooo gonna miss CoCos curry. Me and my buddy eat there at least 3 times a week! Beef curry 300g, level 5, chicken cutlet and cheese! OHHHH SOO GOOD! I have been buying packs and sending them home to store for a later date. The will be missed!

  42. Jessica Minnich Says:

    I left Japan in 2006 and was so mad when i didnt think i would ever see another curry house. I just so happen to go to hawaii and a friend of mine informed me there were a couple in Hawaii and I had to go to the one in Pearl Kai and it was amazing again. Went two days in a row. Just wish they would open one up in the continental US close to my house. I usually get the chicken cutlet curry and the second day I got the shrimp and the shrimp stew. They are all amazing. I am in the with the United States Navy.

  43. Alsharafi Abdul Says:

    iam a muslim man and i want to eat in curry house but when i asked one of your bransh if the beef curry 100% beef or mixe with pork they said its beef mixe with pork souce. this was last year, so still this curry same as before or been change. also i want to now from which country coco using the beef.
    thank you and i hope to recive your answer as soon as possible

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  45. Andrew Lechlak Says:

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    [...]Big Island Grinds » Curry House CoCo Ichibanya (Oahu, July ’05)[...]…

  46. Joseph broswick | Planetreflex Says:

    [...] Big Island Grinds » Curry House CoCo Ichibanya (Oahu, July ‘05)Aug 2, 2005 … Joseph Broswick Says: October 1st, 2007 at 3:27 pm. I was stationed in Okinawa Japan for 6 yrs. And I tell you I miss CoCo’s so much. [...]

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  48. Pongpun Says:

    How i can get coco ichibanya franchise in stuttgat germany??
    I really like your curry.:)

  49. GH System Says:

    Anybody know how can I get Island Grinds here in Peru ?

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